Beach Volleyball regulations for 2022-23 | Published 18 April 2023

Please note: Regulations are currently under review for the 2023-24 season and so those currently published are subject to change.

BVB i The BUCS Beach Volleyball Championships shall be conducted in accordance with the following BUCS sport specific regulations, the BUCS general regulations, and the FIVB Official Beach Volleyball Rules. Further event specific requirements, rules, and regulations will be contained within the entry and pre-event information for each Championship.

BVB ii In the event that these regulations contradict the BUCS general regulations, these BUCS sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise.

BVB iii In the event that these regulations contradict the FIVB Official Beach Volleyball Rules, these BUCS sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise.

BVB 1 Championships BUCS will host annually a Beach Volleyball Championships. The programme shall include the events listed in Appendix 1 (‘BUCS Competition Offer and Associated BUCS Points’), subject to entry numbers. All competition specific event information will be available in the event entry information and pre-event information. Alongside the Pairs Championships, where entry levels permit, BUCS shall offer a Mixed Fours competition which shall not carry any BUCS Points.

BVB 2 Disputes at events In line with REG 7.7, should a dispute occur at an event, the event appeal panel for Beach Volleyball shall comprise of the Tournament Director and a BUCS staff member or Volleyball England staff member.

BVB 3 Playing kit Teams must wear matching playing tops in institutional colours, numbered front and back with each player wearing a different number.

BVB 4 Match format

BVB 4.1 Matches will have a five minute general warm up. Match times advertised, other than first games of the day are indicative only and all matches will follow on from the conclusion of the previous match.

BVB 4.2 All matches shall be best of three sets. The first two sets shall be first to 21 points and by two clear points. A deciding third set shall be first to 15 points and again by two clear.

BVB 4.3 Each team is entitled to a maximum of 1 time out, of 30 seconds, per set.

BVB 4.4 Where necessary, the Tournament Organisers may alter the match format or the tournament format, before commencement of, or during an event, in order to ensure player safety and/or the completion of the event. Any match or tournament format changes will be announced immediately upon such decision being made.

BVB 4.5 If teams are not present within 10 minutes of their match start time they will forfeit the match 21-0, 21-0.

BVB 4.6 Any variations to the standard match format as provided for in the FIVB Official Beach Volleyball Rules will be announced at the Technical Meeting.

BVB 4.7 The playing format will be decided based on numbers of entries and confirmed at the Technical Meeting.

BVB 5 Match officiating

BVB 5.1 In all matches where tournament appointed referees are not supplied, teams will be expected to First Referee and Second referee/score.

BVB 5.2 Players officiating shall be situated on opposite sides of the court (First and Second Referee) and shall both be standing.

BVB 5.3 In the case of tournament appointed referees being present, teams may still be expected to second referee and/or score.

BVB 6 Coaching Provision for coaching at the BUCS Beach Volleyball Championships is designed to support the development of the sport and athletes in the sector and follows the principles and procedures applied in FIVB Specific Regulations for coaching during Age Group competitions.

BVB 6.1 Registration A coach will be recognised as such and must be nominated on BUCS Play when entering teams and then sign-in at the event registration, where they will be issued a wristband to grant them permission to go courtside from the Tournament Organisers. Any individual not nominated as a coach on BUCS Play, will not be granted permission to coach at the event.

BVB 6.2 Number of teams per coach A coach may be registered for more than one team, but must stay with a particular team for the duration of a match (i.e. from the on-court warm up until the final whistle).

BVB 6.3 Number of coaches per team A team may register up to two coaches. However, only one team coach will be permitted into the playing area beginning with the on-court warm up until the final whistle.

BVB 6.4 Access to playing area Coaches are allowed on the playing area to provide support for the athletes. The coach may enter the playing area with the players, prior to the match and may remain for the duration of the match. Please note: ‘Playing area’ refers to the playing court surrounded by a three metre free zone on all sides.

BVB 6.5 Uniform A coach must wear a uniform which is different from the team (e.g. polo/tracksuit top). Should the coach not adhere to this regulation, the referee will make a remark on the scoresheet and the Tournament Director may rescind the coach’s access until the regulation is complied with.

BVB 6.6 Position of coach during play The coach either sits or stands at the designated team seating areas, and must remain in this area during the play and during intervals between rallies, except when switching courts, during set intervals and while instructing players during time outs. During court switches, the coaches switch with the teams. The coach must not intervene during play to talk to the team members. Should the referee have to remind the coach of this fact, they will be subject to the misconduct scale, just like the players.

BVB 6.7 Interaction with players A registered coach may interact with their players only during warm up, change of set, between rallies, at switch of the court and during time outs. The coach can freely give instructions during time outs, set intervals, intervals between completed rallies and during exceptional game interruptions. The coach may also give instructions during court switches (while walking), however the match shall not be delayed by this.

BVB 6.8 Requesting a time out The coach (as well as the team captain) may request a time out by showing the official hand signal and requesting “time out” when the ball is out of play and before the First Referee’s whistle for service. Their contacting official is the Second Referee in this instance. Requests made after, or at the same moment of the First Referee’s whistle for service, or requests made after the team has exhausted its time outs in that set, will be regarded as improper requests. Should resumption of the game be delayed by this, the team will be sanctioned for delay (note BVB 6.9).

BVB 6.9 Delay Teams will be sanctioned for delay when team members (players) are judged to be attempting to delay the game in order to get assistance from the coach in violation to this specific regulation.


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