Active Wellbeing is a key strategic pillar within the BUCS Strategy 2023-27, with a vision to stimulate lifelong active wellbeing. We have a unique role to play in supporting improved student mental and physical health given our role as catalysts and advocates for active wellbeing within higher education institutions. Through member engagement we have developed a package of support, detailed below.

Active Wellbeing Fund 

The aim of the Active Wellbeing Fund is to support institutions to deliver projects that improve the wellbeing of the students and staff within their institution, through specific delivery to tackle inequalities which may exist.

Projects will have a focus on strengthening the connections between physical activity and wellbeing so students and staff members can feel the benefits of an active lifestyle. The projects are designed to engage targeted audiences via a place-based approach.  

We are excited to announce that through Sport England funding we managed to support 14 institutions with funding over an 18-month period, starting from January 2024.

Further details of each of the projects can be found below:

View Funded Projects

If you have any additional questions that have not been answered within this document, please email Sean Harris, Active Wellbeing Manager.

Active Wellbeing Webinar Series 

We are running a series of webinars across the 2023-24 season to support the sharing of best practice across the membership, based on feedback from members on topics of interest.  

Find out more here.

Active Wellbeing Network Day

As part of our delivery, we are hosting the first Active Wellbeing Network Day on Thursday 18 April at the University of Birmingham. 

The day will bring BUCS members together to facilitate networking focused on Active Wellbeing within Higher Education. 

This event is now sold out, please contact [email protected] to join the reserve list.

Supporting Information

Additional supporting information can be found below:

1. Sport England Uniting the Movement Strategy

2. Sport England Active Lives Survey 

3. British Active Students Survey 


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