We are hosting a series of webinars under the Active Wellbeing pillar of the BUCS strategy during the 2023-24 season. Previous recordings or information on how to sign up to a future webinar is below.

Upcoming Webinars

University of Nottingham - Black Sport Collective

Tuesday 27 February, 11am to 12pm


Research suggests there is a positive relationship between participation in sport and improved retention and student academic outcomes. With the aim to help close the attainment gap between black and white students at the University of Nottingham, they hope by engaging more Black students in sports will help to narrow that attainment gap. In order to achieve this, they recognised that through research, they needed to improve their understanding of the perceptions of UoN Sport from the perspective of black students as well as the barriers they face.

This session will explore the research and share the findings, including recommendations from the black student participants and the action plan set out by the university to act on the findings.

University of Nottingham - Black Sport Collective

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Past Webinars

Nottingham Trent University - Play for Fun Programme

The inclusive Play for Fun programme run by Nottingham Trent University aims to increase student engagement in sport by removing barriers to physical activity. Play for Fun is a sociable, inclusive and student led programme that allows students to access weekly 60-minute sessions across 20 different sports ranging from Archery to Swimming. NTU recruit student ‘Sport Champions’ whose role is to actively engage with students to ensure their offer is appealing and relevant based off student feedback and demand. Activities are delivered by the students for the students.

University of East London - Creating a sense of place and belonging through active participation


Often within Higher Education institutions there is a focus on ‘sport’ in narrow performance terms, with metrics of success directly linked to competition outcomes. While important for profile, such pathways fail to resonate with a large proportion of students, who may remain disengaged and inactive due to any combination of personal and systemic considerations.

The session explored how the University of East London is challenging traditional perceptions of sport, introducing a range of innovative approaches to active participation. Enhancing the learning community’s sense of belonging, as well as some of the ways to measure the impact of such interventions on student experience, employability and life skills, and educational outcomes.

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