Use your medical knowledge as a doctor or physiotherapist to cover sporting events with BUCS.

At over 20 BUCS events annually, we provide an excellent opportunity for doctors and physiotherapists looking to enhance their sporting experience.

For domestic events, BUCS covers expenses and daily rates for ACPSM qualified doctors and physiotherapists. Students and newly qualified individuals can also be involved in a shadowing capacity.

Involvement in the BUCS domestic programme can lead to a variety of international opportunities.

Information for Doctors 

Who can work for BUCS as a doctor?

We have three tiers of paid work as a doctor based on level of experience compared to the following criteria:

1. Consultant level

Consultant with extensive sports medicine & BUCS experience. You should be able to lead a medical team at a busy or multi-sport event. You should also be FFSEM (UK) registered.

Day rates:

  • < 4 hours worked = £350
  • 4-8 hours = £425
  • 8 > hours = £500

2. ST4+ Registrar or GP with considerable sports medicine & BUCS experience

You should be able to cover a single-sport event unsupervised as well as supervise a less experienced doctor. You Should be MFSEM (UK) registered.

Day rates:

  • <4 hours worked = £250
  • 4-8 hours = £325
  • >8 hours = £400

3. ST1-4 with enough sports medicine experience to cover a single match unsupervised.

You should be able to help cover a larger event in a supervised environment. You should be on SEM training scheme or working towards MSc/Diploma in SEM.

Day rates:

  • <4 hours worked = £150
  • 4-8 hours = £225
  • >8 hours = £300

Voluntary positions

BUCS have 2 tiers of voluntary positions. This is for people without the above extensive experience but who can gain further exposure to sports medicine. 

4. F2 – ST3 

You should have an interest in sports medicine, but insufficient experience to work unsupervised. This position is unpaid. 

5. FY1 / Medical student 

You should have an interest in sports medicine. This position is observational and unpaid.

Terms and conditions

  • Payment is made to Level 1-3 doctors only
  • Doctors deemed to be level 4-5 and medical students cannot be paid.
  • Tier of work & number of hours involved is to be agreed in advance of the event between the doctor(s) and BUCS.
  • Daily rates are only paid if the doctor is working in their own time and not taking professional leave.
  • Travel expenses can be claimed for public transport or car travel at a rate of 30 ppm, up to a maximum of £100.
  • All doctors working at BUCS events must hold a valid, up-to-date Level II pre-hospital sports trauma course (eg. ICIS, AREA, SCRUMCAPS etc).

Medical Equipment

For events deemed to have a risk profile high enough to need a doctor, BUCS will provide a fully equipped trauma bag, complete with an selection of emergency medications. 

Doctors in possession of their own trauma bag, with which they are more familiar, are welcome to use this if they prefer. 

High-risk events will also have a Paramedic service on site, who will provide: 

  • oxygen
  • entonox
  • a defibrillator
  • a scoop/extrication board
  • immobilisation splints.

Allocation of Doctors to events

A list of sports events and dates are emailed out at the beginning of the academic year. 

Doctors are asked to indicate their availability for these events at the beginning of the academic year and again at the beginning of the calendar year. 

Sign up

If you are keen to work with BUCS Medical please register your details via the following link:

BUCS Medical Registration Document

Applications are being accepted until 15 October 2023 in order to allocate to events with sufficient notice.

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Medical Officer



Information for Physiotherapists 

Who can work for BUCS as a physiotherapist?

There are three tiers of involvement for physiotherapists:

  • Accredited (paid) – for qualified physiotherapists who have bronze level cpd through ACPSEM
  • Non-accredited (unpaid) – for qualified Physiotherapists seeking to get further experience in sport 
  • Students (unpaid) - student physiotherapists who are still training and seeking to get further experience in sport 

Accredited physiotherapists - paid work

To undertake paid work for BUCS, physios are required to have the following: 

  • ACPSEM bronze level CPD accreditation or above
  • Current sports first aid/pitch side trauma certificate – this must currently valid
  • A qualification at degree/diploma level in Physiotherapy
  • HCPC Registration
  • CSP membership or evidence of professional indemnity insurance through another provider. 

Non-Accredited Physios

Non-accredited physiotherapists are qualified physiotherapists who do not yet hold the ACPSM Bronze level CPD accreditation. 

The hours you work at BUCS events as a volunteer count towards the supervised hours needed for the ACPSM accreditation. 

Although you are referred to as ‘shadowing’ you definitely get the opportunity to gain hands on experience.

It is an excellent opportunity:

  • To observe sports you have not worked with before

  • Work with and learn from other physiotherapists. 

Student Physiotherapists (unpaid)

Physiotherapy students can attend BUCS events in a volunteer shadowing capacity.  You will work alongside an accredited physiotherapist.  Depending on the event, there may be the opportunity for supervised hands on experience.  It is a great learning environment and a good opportunity to be exposed to lots of different sports.  Unfortunately we cannot cover any expenses.

Physiotherapy Equipment

Accredited physios need to provide their own physio kit bag.  BUCS will reimburse consumables used, within reason.

Non-accredited physios are not expected to have their own kit, but are encouraged to start collating your own physio kit bag. 

BUCS can provide plinths for events. Equipment will be provided at the major events (BUCS Nationals, Big Wednesday etc).

Terms and Conditions

  • Accredited physios will pay a daily rate for physio cover and travel expenses within reason
  • Accommodation will be provided and booked by BUCS
  • Allocations will be made depending on experience, including first aid/trauma qualification. 

Daily rates are based on CPD level:

  • Bronze - £90
  • Silver - £125
  • Gold - £200

Allocation of Physiotherapists to events

A list of events and dates are emailed out at the beginning of the academic year. 

Physiotherapists are asked to indicate their availability for these events at the beginning of the academic and then calendar year.

If you miss these deadlines, there may be additional events released throughout the season that you may apply for but there is no guarantee. 

Allocations are made depending on previous experience, in particular sports trauma experience. 


If you have any questions about working as a physio at a BUCS event, get in touch with Jaclyn Coleman, the Chief Physiotherapist of the BUCS domestic programme. 

Interested in working at a BUCS event?

Let us know if you are keen to work with BUCS Physiotherapy, whether accredited, non-accredited or student.

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