Initiations can have a serious impact on your experience of university sport. Sometimes they can go too far. That's why BUCS are creating a safe space for students to report an issue they have experienced.

We believe that university sport is a place for everyone to feel safe and welcome to participate. That's why we have created this form.

We want you to report problem initiations. It can be one that you have experienced, have heard of or you know is upcoming. 

To help you feel safe and comfortable, you can make your report anonymously.

  • This means that we will not collect any information that identifies you, including your name and email.

If you do feel comfortable, you can provide us with minimal personal details. These will not be shared with anyone. 

  • This information will help us to follow up with you if we need to clarify anything or for further information. It will be in order to help us take appropriate action.

If you report anonymously or not, what option you choose doesn't matter. Your report could go a long way in helping us to take the right action and combating problem initiations.



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