REG 1 General | Published 17 August 2023

REG 1.1 All BUCS regulations are determined by the BUCS Executive and subsequently endorsed by the Board.

REG 1.2 At any point, an issue not covered by BUCS’ regulations shall be referred to the BUCS Executive or the Board for a decision, depending on the nature of the query.

REG 1.3 By affiliating to BUCS and/or entering any BUCS competitions, a Member or any other organisation or individual permitted to participate in BUCS competitions agrees to be bound by and to comply with the BUCS general and sport specific regulations.

REG 1.4 A breach of any BUCS general or sport specific regulations shall render the Member or other organisation or individual permitted to participate in BUCS competitions at fault liable to:

  • Any specific sanction outlined in the specific regulation.
  • The match appeal process of REG 15 and any sanctions as a result of this.
  • The disciplinary process of REG 5 and any sanctions as a result of this.

REG 1.5 Disclaimer BUCS cannot accept any liability for any death, accident, injury or loss of property sustained by a Board member, Executive Group member, Technical Representative or others acting on behalf of the Association.

REG 1.6 Commercial Assets

REG 1.6.1 Each Member:

(i) consents to the capture of Content featuring the Member Teams and Participants at or in relation to all BUCS Competitions;

(ii) grants to BUCS the right to use and sub-licence the use in perpetuity and free of charge the Member Assets for use in connection with the BUCS Commercial Programme;

in accordance with this Regulation [REG 1.6].

REG 1.6.2 BUCS shall not use or grant to any BUCS Commercial Partner the right to use (without the express prior written consent of the Member in question):

(i) any Member Assets in any manner which implies that any Member, Member Team or Participant endorses a product, service or brand of any commercial entity, or which reflects unfavourably upon the good name and image of the Member; or

(ii) any Member Logo on a stand-alone basis, and shall only use any Member Logo alongside or in connection with a minimum of one (1) other Member save in respect of (a) editorial usage by BUCS and/or media outlets; or (b) congratulatory messaging by BUCS and/or any BUCS Commercial Partner

REG 1.6.3 Each Member shall support BUCS’ media and marketing activities by providing BUCS and the BUCS Commercial partners with access to its Member Teams, Participants, and BUCS Competition Member Events in connection with:

(i) any sponsorship advertising, promotion, publicity, merchandising or other commercial exploitation of the Commercial Rights relating to BUCS and/or any BUCS Competition; and

(ii) the hosting, conduct, operation, management, filming, recording, broadcast or other distribution of any BUCS Competition Member Event (including the provision of suitable facilities to enable the capture of Content)

in each case, without further consent or approval.

REG 1.6.4  - *Currently suspended, pending review* Each Member recognises and acknowledges that:

(i) all Commercial Rights in the BUCS organisation, BUCS Competition Events and BUCS Competitions as a whole, including all rights in Content, are wholly owned by BUCS and BUCS is exclusively entitled to exploit such rights;

(ii) it shall not itself make any commercial use of the BUCS Logo, name or other BUCS identifying feature;

(iii) any use it wishes to make of the BUCS Logo or other reference to BUCS in connection with any BUCS Competition Member Event or otherwise shall be subject to the prior written approval of BUCS.

(iv) All rights in Content captured at BUCS Competition Member Events shall be the property of BUCS and the Member hereby assigns such rights to BUCS by way of future copyright.  BUCS shall be entitled to licence such Content, and the right to broadcast such Content, (including to broadcasters), as part of the BUCS Commercial Programme and each Member shall observe and comply with any and all exclusivity and other relevant conditions arising from such licence as BUCS may notify to the Member from time to time.  Members shall be entitled to broadcast Content captured at BUCS Competition Member via the Member’s own platforms with the prior written consent of BUCS and subject to any conditions relating to such broadcast as BUCS may notify to the Member, but the Member shall have no right to licence such Content to any third party broadcaster

REG 1.6.5 Definitions

(i) BUCS Commercial Partner: any third party to which BUCS has granted any Commercial Rights;

(ii) BUCS Commercial Programme: the central BUCS commercial programme comprising all Commercial Rights in BUCS and BUCS Competitions;

(iii) BUCS Competition: any sports competition organised by BUCS from time to time;

(iv) BUCS Competition Event(s): any BUCS Competition final fixture, playoff or other sports meet wholly staged and organised by BUCS or a third party arranged by BUCS;

(v) BUCS Competition Member Event: any sports fixture forming part of a BUCS Competition organised by or on behalf of any Member at a venue owned or occupied by a Member;

(vi) BUCS Logo: the names, logos, crests, colours, slogans, symbols, or any other identifying marks used or adopted by BUCS from time to time;

(vii) Commercial Rights: any and all rights of a commercial nature, including image rights, broadcasting rights, broadcast sponsorship rights, new media rights, endorsement and official supplier rights, sponsorship rights, merchandising rights, licensing rights, advertising rights and hospitality rights;

(viii) Content: all and any videographic, photographic and typographic content;

(ix) Member Content: any and all Content captured of, and relating to, the Member Teams and/or Participants at any and all BUCS Competition Member Events;

(x) Member Assets: the Member Logos, the Member Branding and the Member Content;

(xi) Member Branding: up to fifty per cent (50%) of the in-camera signage and other branding at BUCS Competition Member Events as requested by BUCS from time to time;

(xii) Member Logo: the names, logos, crests, colours, slogans, symbols, or any other identifying marks used or adopted by the Member and any Member Team;

(xiii) Member Team: any team representing the Member in any BUCS Competition;

(xiv) Participant: any individual representing a Member Team and/or the Member in any BUCS Competition.


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