REG 3 Finance and Governance | Published 1 September

REG 3.1 Annual Subscription (Membership Affiliation Fee) The Annual Subscription must be paid annually by 1 October, failure to do so will lead to suspension of the Member and/or Playing Entity/Playing Entities.

REG 3.1.1 Full Members will be charged a fee calculated in part per capita and in part based on their participation in BUCS’ domestic sports programmes.

REG Should an institution have opted to operate any Satellite Campus or Umbrella Campus/Organisation Playing Entities, they shall be charged a further £500 per additional Playing Entity.

REG 3.1.2 Associate Members, including Scottish Associate Members, will be charged a fixed £50 fee.

REG 3.2 Entry Fees

REG 3.2.1 Team Championships (Leagues/Knockouts)

REG Annual Team Entry Fees These are the fees for the main set of entries to BUCS Team Championships (Leagues/Knockouts) made on BUCS Play in the spring for the following season. Entries must be received on BUCS Play by the date set by the BUCS office and fees are to be paid annually by 1 October.

REG Other Team Entry Fees Entries for League and Knockout sports not covered by the Overall Team Entries will be charged when the relevant entry set closes.

REG The BUCS Executive may, at their discretion and where competition structures allow, accept late entries in to Team Championships (Leagues/Knockouts). However, institutions that submit three or more late entries will be subject to an administration charge which will be based on the number of teams entered after the deadline:

  • Three to nine – An administration charge of £50.
  • 10 or more – An administration charge of £100.

REG 3.2.2 Individual and Team Championships (Events) Entry fees for BUCS Individual and Team Championships (Events) will be billed after the relevant event closing date.

REG Where an event offers ‘Stage 2’ entries, where these are accepted they will be subject to an additional 20% fee on top of the standard entry fee, as detailed in the relevant event entry information.

REG 3.2.3 Should an institution withdraw an entry from any BUCS Championships after the relevant entry closing date, they will not be eligible to receive an entry fee refund.

REG 3.3 BUCS may suspend from participation in all BUCS activities any Member and/or Playing Entity which has not paid the Annual Subscription (REG 3.1) or the Annual Team Entry Fees (REG as of 1 October. Furthermore, any payments received after this date will be subject to a 5% fine.

REG 3.4 Payment and Debts

REG 3.4.1 As well as these regulations, BUCS’ Credit Terms & Conditions apply to all members and suppliers.

REG 3.4.2 BUCS will offer a credit facility to Members and Playing Entities for some activities. These activities will be invoiced by BUCS and must be paid within 30 days. Any activity where credit is not offered will require immediate payment as indicated on the instructions of the relevant activity.

REG 3.4.3 All invoices should be paid within 30 days of issue. Where an invoice is over 30 days BUCS reserves the right to charge a penalty fee equating to 1.5% per day until the debt is settled. Additionally, BUCS may suspend the Member/Playing Entity concerned until their debt has been settled. During this time, an institution may not participate in any BUCS’ activities or make entries in to future Championships until the suspension is lifted.

REG 3.4.4 Remittance advice must be supplied within five working days of the payment being made. Consistent failure to do so will incur a £10 fine per occurrence.

REG 3.4.5 Any additional work that is requested or where additional work is created due to an institution not meeting a given deadline which creates additional work for the BUCS office, may be liable to an administration fee being levied.

REG 3.5 International Programmes Following their commitment to the Team Member’s Agreement, any individual (student or otherwise) owing monies to BUCS from their involvement in the International Programmes may be excluded from participation in all BUCS’ activities, at the discretion of BUCS, until the debt is settled, or a repayment plan agreed.

REG 3.6 Expense Claims

REG 3.6.1 Travel and subsistence expense claims for Board members, Executive Group members, Technical Representatives, and others acting on behalf of BUCS, shall be submitted only on the current BUCS Volunteer Expense Form.

REG 3.6.2 Expense forms must be submitted within 28 days of the event/the expense being incurred and amounts claimed must be within the limits set out on the form and accompanied by the appropriate evidence of expenditure.

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