Looking to join UNIversal Gym scheme? Check out the below to learn more about the benefits.

What are the benefits of UNIversal Gym for my institution?

  • Increased membership sales and associated income.
  • Reduced annual attrition rates.
  • Increased continuation rates of student and staff members from year-to-year.
  • More students continuing with their physical activity all year round.
  • Increased use of your facilities all year round.

Participating institutions will set up a UNIversal Gym Community via BUCS Play. Activities to be set up which would be available for UNIversal Gym members to book, these can be set out for specific days and times.

Check out all the institutions taking part in the scheme. 

How is health and safety managed?

Any new member will need to complete a Health Commitment Statement (HCS). Once this is completed, the HCS members will be free to start using the new facility for no charge.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Any institution that wishes to join UNIversal Gym will be able to track and report membership attendance via BUCS Play. This is to help us understand the impact it has had for membership sales, number of visitors and impact on the student experience.

Frequently asked questions

Institutions - FAQ.pdf

If you do have any questions in regards to UNIversal Gym, please contact Sean Harris, Active Wellbeing Manager.