The UNIversal Gym membership opens the doors to over 100 gyms around the country. Meaning you can work out where ever in the United Kingdom you are.

The UNIversal Gym membership is helping staff and students stay active all year round. 

With more university gyms becoming a part the UNIversal Gym network, it allows students and staff of other universities to access different universities gym facilities. 

This means if you have an annual peak membership at your local university gym and it's part of the network, your membership isn't just for one gym.  You have access to many more gyms around the country at no extra cost.

So, when you are exploring the country with friends or visiting back home, you can access other university gyms near you to keep you active.  

Find my nearest UNIversal Gym

Use the map to find your local UNIversal Gym and learn more about what each gym offers. 


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