For UNIversal Gym members, each institution’s offer may vary slightly. Please ensure you book your gym sessions via BUCS Play, before attending any gym facility.

Find my nearest UNIversal Gym

Use the map to find your local UNIversal Gym and learn more about what each gym offers. 


UNIversal Gym membership opens the doors to over multiple gyms around the country. Meaning you can work out wherever in the United Kingdom you are, helping staff and students stay active all year round.  

This means if you have a gym membership at your university gym of study or work and it's part of the network, you will have access to many more gyms around the country at no extra cost. 
So, when you are exploring the country with friends or visiting back home, you can access other university gyms near you to keep you active.   

UNIversal Gym has now been digitalised to improve the user experience of both the participant and the institution. This includes, but is not limited to the following: 

  • Your gym members are now able to sign up to and create a UNIversal Gym membership online, which will allow you to effectively manage your members 

  • Gym administrators now can set up an online community for institution gyms and facilities to promote the UNIversal Gym offer throughout your university. 

  • Gym administrators have the capacity to approve/decline UNIversal Gym memberships, giving you more autonomy to approve valid members for the scheme. 

  • An improved online finder to allow students/staff to locate a UNIversal Gym (including the respective terms and conditions of each offer) nearest to them which will be hosted on your own university site. 

  • A streamlined online booking system to avoid overcrowding whilst also using QR code technology 

If you would like to find out more information about the scheme, please contact, BUCS Development Manager Sean Harris.

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