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Work with BUCS and host the Equestrian Finals

The opportunity to host the BUCS Equestrian Finals 2023-24 is now open.


The BUCS Equestrian programme is the biggest student riding programme in the UK. It offers a unique competition series for riders to compete in dressage and show jumping on borrowed horses.

The programme happens in three stages:-

  • Pools – Teams are placed in Pools. Each team hosts a home match with the best 3 teams and 6 individuals (Championship only) from each Pool qualifying for Regional rounds.
  • Regionals – The teams and individuals qualified through the leagues attend for a one day event to determine who makes the National finals
  • Finals – Organised by BUCS with the best teams and individuals qualified from Regionals to compete in the finals.

This bid refers to the Finals stage only.


The event normally takes place the first week of June over three week days but there is flexibility in the date. The dressage happens first over 1.5 days, followed by the Show jumping over the next 1.5 days.

The Finals take place at a competition venue that has the infrastructure for the event, can provide horses for the competition and has spectator seating for students to come and support.

There is scope to change the timetable of the Finals, so through this process we are either looking for one venue to host the whole three days or two venues that are capable of hosting separate finals as one of the following three options:

  1. Trophy Finals – One Day
  2. Championship Finals – Two Days
  3. Championship & Trophy Finals – Three Days


The event will need to take place after the beginning of June, once the regional rounds have finished.

Host Venue

The event is required to be hosted by one venue, in one main arena. Smaller additional ancillary spaces may be required for event management purposes. The host venue is required to have responsibility for the facilities and will work with BUCS in the planning and delivery of the event.

The host venue will provide BUCS with access to the main arena and ancillary spaces over the days. Car parking facilities will be required for the large number of institutions competing, volunteers and spectators. The chosen host venue will also provide sufficient changing space for competitors and catering facilities for competitors, volunteers, and spectators.

For more information on the host venue responsibilities, including specific facility requirements, please refer to the Bid Questionnaire. The chosen venue agrees to host for three consecutive years.


If you have any questions or queries in relation to the bidding process, then please contact [email protected]

Please download & complete the bid questionnaire below and return to [email protected]

BUCS Equestrian Finals 2023-24 Bid Questionnaire.


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