Sail your way to victory with our Sailing programme

The Sailing season for 2020-21 season is scheduled as follows:

  • Fleet Championships: November 2021
  • Team Racing:  January & April 2022
  • Match Racing: April 2022
  • Yachting: April 2022

You can download the 2021-22 seasons calender soon

Get your crew and hit the seas for one of the four racing championships:

Fleet Racing Championships: Four fleets. 130 boats. Multiple universities. The fleet racing competition is the first race of the season.

Match Racing Championships: The athletes race for four days on the RYA's fleet of Elliot six metre yatchs.

Yacht Racing Championships: A four day event that sees 200 sailors compete in Fairview Oceanis 37s, with 15 teams battling it out to be named champions

Team Championships: This event beings with 25 teams competing to be the owner of the ocean. To do this they must navigate their way through to Regional Qualifiers and Playoffs.

Students can compete at an international level with the World University Championships, in a match racing format.

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