Our mission is to make BUCS the best university sport experience in the world.

In 2017, British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) set its strategic plan for the next five years. This strategy provides a direction for sport in the higher education sector till 2021. 

Mission: the best university sport experience in the world

Vision: a world-class higher education sport and physical activity experience, creating the most engaged university communities in the world.

Through sport we strive to enhance people’s lives by adding value and enable people to reach their potential.

To deliver the best university sport experience for students, staff and local communities, BUCS focuses on the following strands: 

Physical Activity & Health

Mission: To inspire and enable our students, staff and wider community to become more active more often.

This aims to develop and broaden the range of opportunities that exist for staff and students within the higher education sector to become more physically active, boosting their health and wellbeing.

By 2021 we want to have the most active university community in the world across all levels of participation.

Social & Recreational Sport

Mission: To engage with students and staff across the higher education sector to highlight the value participating and volunteering in social and recreational sport can play in enhancing their university experience.

This area aims to support institutions with the engagement and regular participation of students and staff in social and recreational sport programmes. Opportunities will be provided for institutions to develop workforce and infrastructure around social sport.

Intervarsity Competition

Mission: Developing a visionary plan and identifying opportunities that lead to the delivery of a modernised, sustainable and student-focused intervarsity competition programme which offers students a positive sporting experience.

This area places direct focus on creating a world-class competition programme for the HE sector through understanding the motivations and needs of student-athletes and their institutions.

Performance Sport

Mission: Support an environment for performance athletes to develop whilst in Higher Education. This will also contribute to enhancing both BUCS and the British Higher Education sector’s reputation and profile, both domestically and internationally.

This area focuses on the development of Performance programmes and elite athletes within Higher Education institutions and across BUCS sport programmes. It includes understanding what ‘Performance’ looks like within the sector. 

Professional & Workforce Development

Mission: To provide increased continued personal development opportunities for all staff members and student officers within the BUCS membership. Whilst increasing the provision that is on offer to the wider workforce that supports student sport.

This area of the strategy will aid the professional development of both staff and students within the sector, through the provision and enhancement of relevant programmes and opportunities.


Mission: Creating the conditions across Higher Education which make inclusion and accessibility the norm for everyone taking part in sport and physical activity.

This area aims to ensure that all BUCS activities, programmes and opportunities are inclusive and accessible to all members, staff and students.

Profile & Influence

Mission: To raise the profile of BUCS within the sporting landscape and wider British community and develop strategic relationships with key stakeholders and influencers, to recognise and highlight the impact of the sector and in turn secure current and attract more investment into members and BUCS.

This area focusses on the impact, exposure and recognition of this amongst both sporting and wider non-sporting stakeholders. 

You can read more about BUCS 2017 - 2021 Strategy below. 

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