Team Match Play

Team Match Play sees teams compete in both weekly matches and the knockout competitions.

Fixtures and Results 2023-24

Finalised leagues, knockouts and fixtures live on BUCS Play as of Friday 21 July.

Fixtures and Results 2022-23

All fixtures and results for the 2022-23 season can be accessed on BUCS Play. Please follow the link on this page to register for the system and navigate to the appropriate community. 

Rules and Regulations 

All regulations relating to the running of the 2023-24 season can be found in via the below links:

BUCS General Regulations 
BUCS Sport Specific Regulations 


Premier North/South Institutions

Submission of Home Course Scorecard, Local Rules and Winter Rules 

As per GOL 4.3.4 Institutions/Playing Entities with teams in Premier Tier leagues must submit to BUCS for approval, the scorecard for their home course showing the course lengths that will be used for Men and Women with Course Rating and Slope as well as a copy of the local rules. If the course has a winter course or rules a copy of those need to be provided as well as the dates that these will be used.

If you may be using more than one course throughout the season, you need to submit each of these courses separately using the form below.

Golf Course Submission Form

Approved Courses 


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