Take your cue out of the pub and into the BUCS Pool and Snooker Championships.

The dates for Pool & Snooker for the upcoming season are:  

  • Pool nine-ball: completed
  • Pool eight-ball: completed
  • Snooker: 18th June - 21st June 2022


Get your eye in line for the BUCS pool programme, where we offer two different forms of the game: 

Eight-ball championship 
This format of the game is the one we all know and love. Set as a triangle for the break. A race to pot the black. But not before sinking either solids or strips first.

Nine-ball championship 
More popular version of pool overseas, this is more of a number focus.
Set up as diamond for the break, balls must be sunk in numerical order, from one to nine. 

Both competitions have their own championship where all the pool BUCS points are on the line. 


Skill, strategy and precision are important to success in the BUCS Snooker Championship. Held once a season, the Snooker Championships offers Team and Individual competition. 

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