Entry information

Entry Costs & Dates


Tuesday 14 February 2023


Tuesday 21 March 2023 – Student / Competitor Deadline

(Students / Competitors must apply by this deadline)

Thursday 23 March 2023 at 23:59 – Institution Administrator Deadline

(Institutional Administrators are given 48 hours after the student / competitor deadline to approve entries)


£35.00 per competitor


Should the competition allow more entries a Stage 2 Entry window will open. Priority will remain with the entries received before the Stage 1 entry closing date. Entries received in the Stage 2 window and accepted into the competition, will be charged an additional 20% fee.

Entry Process

To apply for the competition all eligible competitors must follow these steps:

  1. Competitor to apply to the event on BUCS Play (Instructions on how to do this can be found here)
  2. Institution administrator approves entry (Instructions on how to do this can be found here)
  3. British Weight Lifting confirm athletes have BWL membership
  4. BUCS approves/denies entry into competition and publishes confirmed entry list

Any data will be handled in accordance with BUCS Privacy Policy

By participating in this event you agree to adhere to BUCS General Event Disclaimer

To check whether you are eligible to compete in BUCS competitions, please visit REG 4 Individual Eligibility.

Entry Allowance

Entries for this competition are limited to 200 people. 

Should entries exceed this amount, entries will be allocated evenly amongst universities, i.e. each institution will have one person entered, then a second and so on. 

Qualification & Ranking

Anyone who wants to compete at this event must meet the British Weightlifting qualification standards.

This event is categorised as a BWL Tier 1 event the results from the competition. Results from this event will be added to the BWL rankings and can be used for qualification to future national events and can also be used to set BWL British records.

Rules & Regulations

The regulations for the BUCS Weighlifting & Para-Powerlifting Championships can be found here.

Events & BUCS Points

There are BUCS Points awarded for each category of competition (You can find further details in Appendix 1). Categories are as follows:

Women's: 45kg - 87kg+

Men's: 55kg - 109kg+

Women's Para-Powerlifting: Lightweight (61kg) - Heavyweight (61kg+)

Men's Para-Powerlifting: Lightweight (72kg) - Heavyweight (72kg+)

Please note: The categories listed are subject to change. Categories are only available according to the number of entries received and/or the number of competitors who attend the event and as a result some may be cancelled or merged either pre-event or at the event. If categories are merged only one set of BUCS Points will be awarded.

Spectator Tickets

Tickets will be available for this event. Prices will be as follows: 



Single day


Single day


Single day child concession*


Single day child concession*


Weekend Standard


Weekend Standard


Weekend child concession*


Weekend child concession*



*Please note that a concession is 65+ or someone aged between 11 - 16 years of age.  Photographic ID to prove age may be required. Anyone aged 10 and under can enter the competition free of charge with an accompanying adult. 


Withdrawals are permitted for this event, and should be done so via email to Chris Lamb, however the following rules will apply:

Withdrawals before the entry closing date of Thursday 23 March at 23:59pm will not be charged the entry fee.

Withdrawals after the entry closing date of Thursday 23 March at 23:59pm will still be charged the entry fee.