Event Guide

Key Points:

  • The event is split across three rowing clubs. Each visiting institution will be allocated a host club and must boat from that club.
  • The event will take place from the published start time of boating on that day until the last racing crew is safely off the water. Any crews boating outside of the event timings does so at their own risk and must follow the guidance of their host club.
  • Registration and Race Control will be based at the Newcastle University BC boathouse. There will be race officials at all three venues.
  • Competitor Briefing – The competitor briefing, particularly important for coxes and steers is now virtual and accessible anytime through the link here – BUCS Head Online Briefing for Crews & Coaches
  • Crews must ensure their blades are near the boating area before taking boats. It is requested that Coaches / other club members assist crews with boating, particularly of inexperienced crews, to avoid delays.
  • Crews will require wellington boots for boating.
  • Checks may be made by Control Commission before boating. Crews should ensure they have checked their boat before arriving at the boating stages.
  • Crews must ensure they are wearing sufficient clothing for the weather conditions.
  • Crews are encouraged to carry a waterproof bag in the boat to keep clothing dry.

Host Club

The host club list will be published on Monday 19th February.  

This will provide details of which Institutions will be based at each of the three sites – Tyne Amateur Rowing Club, Tyne United Rowing Club and Newcastle University Boat Club.

Each Institution will be responsible for contacting their nominated host – to give details of expected arrival time. 

Please see contact details on the host club allocation list and please confirm timings as well as provide your contact details to the club by Wednesday 21st February.


Authorised Officers of each competing Club are required to register at https://crews.bucsrowing.org.uk/ where substitutions cam be made up until before the crew boats for their race. Access to the system will be granted from 12:00 midday on Friday 16 February (after entries have closed).

Please refer to regulation ROW 4 when making substitutions.

Any crews not submitting substitutions and found to have changed the crew in any way may be disqualified.


Scratches may also be made via the above system, or may be done at Registration by the institution rowing club captain or coach. Crews who do not withdraw, and do not compete at the event, will be classified as a ‘no-show’ and charged the entry fee and an additional £20 fine payable by the athletic union or students’ union as detailed in BUCS Withdrawal Policy.

If a crew wishes to withdraw on the day, they should complete a scratch through the online system at Registration a minimum of 30 minutes before the start of the division race start time. Failure to do so may result in the boat being classed as a ‘no-show’ and the additional fine being imposed, as detailed above.

Competitors should also inform their institution they have withdrawn from the competition.


Registration will be downstairs in the Newcastle University Boathouse and open from 08:00 on each day. One representative from each institution is required to attend registration to collect their numbers for the day.

Competitors should have available a valid student identification card to confirm their eligibility for the competition. These may be requested at registration.

Institutions should allow time to register before competing and are encouraged to register as soon as they arrive at the venue. Institutions who do not register before the boating times will be assumed to be withdrawn.

Boat Numbers

Slot numbers will be issued at registration. Boats are required to have suitable fittings to display bow numbers so they can be clearly visible to race officials. Failure to suitably display your number may result in no time being taken.

Please note that boat numbers should be returned to registration after racing. A fine of £10 will be charged to any Institution not returning their number by the end of the racing day.

Race Numbers

Paper race numbers are to be worn on the bow crew member’s back (and cox for stern coxed boats). These should be firmly attached to racing kit and visible. Long hair should be tied up so the number is not obscured. Clubs should bring safety pins to attach their numbers.


Lightweight weigh-in will be upstairs in the Newcastle University Boat Club boathouse. It will be open from two hours before the beginning of the racing day (i.e. the start time of division 1), up to one hour prior to the published start time of each division.

Lightweight crews are not averaged. Crews need to weigh in all together. If racing in more than one lightweight event the competitor need only weigh-in once.

All lightweight competitors must produce photo identification at weigh-in.

Coxes do not need to weigh-in for this event.


Safety guidelines are included within the marshalling instructions for crews and coaches.

Coxes and crews must be knowledgeable of boating instructions, the course, their crew’s ability, weather conditions and safety procedures. It is recommended that beginner coxes do not cox beginner crews.

The Organising Committee reserves the right to cancel the event if they consider it too dangerous to proceed.

Food & Drink

Competitors are responsible for providing their own food and drink. We encourage the use of water bottles and reusable cups in an attempt to reduce waste on site. Please bring your own bottles / cups / flasks.

There will be hot and cold catering options available at Tyne United RC and Tyne Amateur RC from 07:30 on both days. A breakfast menu (including porridge and hot rolls) will be available followed by a lunch menu (including hot soups and pasta).

We encourage competitors to support the host rowing clubs and use the local catering on offer. Drinking water will be available. Please enquire at the clubhouses.

All competitors and spectators have a responsibility to keep the venues clean and tidy, and to use the bins provided. Institutions may be held responsible for any littering.


For coach parking; refer to the coach parking directions available on the important documents tab.

Parking at each host venue is limited, with boat trailer parking taking priority. Motorists are asked to observe the advice from volunteer marshals, and may not be allowed to park at each host venue if full. Motorists may be advised to park on Newburn Bridge Road. Motorists are advised to approach Newburn Bridge from the south (postcode NE21 4SQ).

At all times motorists should observe the Highway Code and not obstruct access to venues, businesses or private property in case of an emergency. BUCS is not responsible for parking at the host venues.

There is no parking available on the TURC site. All cars on the south side of the river must either park at the NUBC if there is space, or along Newburn Bridge Road. Towing vehicles must drop off trailers at TURC and then leave the site and park as above.

There is no parking at Tyne ARC except for trailer towing vehicles and officials’ cars. Car parking for competitors boating at Tyne ARC and for spectators is available at a public car park further along Grange Rd going west, just across the road from Newburn Activity Centre, about a 10-minute walk back to Tyne ARC. Competitors and spectators are advised that they should NOT park on Grange Road or the surrounding residential streets in Newburn.

Medal Presentations

Presentation of medals will take place at the Newcastle University BC boathouse shortly after the end of racing on each day. Competitors and spectators are encouraged to stay for the presentations.

Facilities & Services

Changing facilities
Each host rowing club has male and female changing facilities and showers available for competitors. 

Lost & Found
There will be designated lost and found areas at each of the club houses. Please talk to local representatives if you lose items of clothing / equipment etc.

Bag Drop
There will be ‘bag drop’ areas at each of the Tyne Amateur and Tyne United Rowing Clubs – bags will be left at the owner’s risk.

First Aid
Paramedics will be located at Newcastle University BC & Tyne Amateur Rowing Club each day. First aid can be requested at any time by asking a race official or marshal who will radio for assistance.

Rules & Regulations

All BUCS Rowing competitions are governed in accordance with the National Governing Body rules and regulations, unless superseded by a BUCS rule or regulation. The BUCS Rowing rules and regulations should be read in conjunction with the entry and pre-event information. 

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The sustainability of our event matters to us and these are the positive steps we are taking to manage our environmental impact:

  • All staff and volunteers are encouraged to travel to the event via public transport
  • We have used local suppliers where possible
  • Event schedules will be online & on screens around the venue, minimising paper use where possible

How can you help at this event? Here’s some ideas:

  • Be self-sufficient by using refillable bottles and coffee cups to reduce waste
  • Travel smarter – as a team on a minibus, cycle or use public transport
  • Go paperless - use your phone for all event information

Photography & Videography

Anyone wishing to take photos or video at this event must complete the BUCS Media Accreditation Form prior to the event.

BUCS reserves the right to prohibit photography equipment being used at a BUCS event. BUCS reserves the right to request that the individual ceases to take photographs, deletes any images and, if considered necessary, leaves the venue.