Acceptances & Reserve List

Men's Doubles Starting List

Bangor :  Adam Pyatt-Coppell and Thomas Silkstone

  • Ben Jones and Louis Newman
  • Freddie Davies and Thomas Cartledge
  • Callum Findlay and   Oscar Glenister
  • Caleb Ralston and Matthew Doe

Bristol: Oliver Mayo and Ardghal macmahon
Cardiff:  Tom Davenport and Andy Gorvin
Cardiff Met: Borja Fuentes and Joel Gretreax
Chester: Chester: Arron Woodward and Jordan Evans

  • Julius Tverijonas and Or Ram-Harel
  • Henry Patten and Josip Krstanovic
  • Henry Beesley   Paul Midgely

East London: James Markiewicz and Simonas Zukauskas
East London: Andreas Tzelis and Steven Zahui

  • Buzz Avis and Nick Hubble
  • Harry Ellesmere and Hugo Plummer
  • Ben Patten and Max La Count


  • Gianpiero Placidi and Ying Huo
  • Anirudhha Hazarika and Ethan Chow
  • James Cheng and Marc Boubnovski Martell

Leeds Beckett:

  • Clay Crawford and Stefan Cooper
  • Matias Destefanis Franzini and Tom Horsfall


  • George Houghton and Michael Shaw
  • George Foster and Joseph Newman-Billington
  • Calum McKinlay and Louis Aubry
  • Llewelyn Bevan and Otto Sterner


  • Dan Little and Marino Alpeza
  • Jamie Praditngam and Joe Woolley
  • Andrew Higham  and Connor Garnett
  • Sebastian Darke and Will Matthews

Nottingham Trent: Cameron Yuill and Matthew Howse
Oxford:  Cameron Bowie and Ross Martin
Sheffield: Alex Wood and Callum Neal
St Andrews: Edward Pomeroy and Shameul Chaudry

  • Scott Duncan and Scott MacAulay
  • James MacKinlay and Robert Leck


  • Kai Maxted and Prompt Udomdech
  • Nicholas Daskalovic and Nikita Jesaibegjans


  • Austin Gwilliam and Finley Bygrave
  • James Callard and David Wakefield

Women's Doubles Starting List

Bangor:  Laura Samy and Julia Stevens
Bath: Freya Davies and Millie Devey-Smith
Cambridge: Isabelle Hearnshaw and Stephanie Booth
Cardiff Met: 

  • Alice Livesey and Amy Wright
  • Ela Williams and Lauren Suter


  •  Petra Januskova and Saioa Gomez de Segura
  • Olivia French and Sara Komer

East London:

  • Iman Garshong and  Naomi Jackson
  • Grammatiki Kampouri and  Thais Castiglioni

Essex: Amore Castelyn and Rachel Bosler

  • Pippa Bourne and Sofie Woon
  • Antonija Sokic and Joanna Tomlinson
  • Olivia Robert and Sofia Antipatis


  • Ella Taylor and Olivia Sofroniou
  •  Katie Morris and Nadia Rawson
  • Gabby Chidwick and Rebecca Hill
  • Ariana Saki and Olivia Berry


  • Alisa Deen and Nathalie Neubert
  • Julie Richard and Molly Jenkins


  • Laura Sainsbury and Manisha Foster
  • Lucy Gill and Milly Wood
  • Asel Jumamukhambetova and Mia Jurasic
  • Isabella von Ebbe and  Margarita Treyes Albarracin


  •  Aimee Kirkup and Karolina Aleksandrowicz
  • Kirstin Leong Kher Ting and Emily Oh Tien Yie

Southampton:  Catherine Broster and Shinan Zhang
St Andrews: Beth Laybourne Birgit Burk

  • Ingrid Vojcinakova and Natasha Fourouclas
  • Charlotte Mair and Klara Pribylova

UCL: Anastasia Mikheeva  and Veronika Hughes