Following the closure of entries, a decision has been made to reopen all ambulant, wheelchair and seated throws disciplines at the Championships to stage 2 entry.

Please find the stage 2 entry deadlines below:

Monday 15th April 2024 23:59- Student / Competitor Deadline

(Students / Competitors must apply by this deadline)

Wednesday 17th April 2024 23:59- Institution Administrator Deadline

(Institutional Administrators are given 48 hours after the student / competitor deadline to approve entries)


Competitor Information

Event Management Office and Enquiries

The BUCS Registration desk will be located in the indoor warm-up area facility.

The BUCS Registration and Withdrawal and Substitutions desk will open from 08:30 on all 3 event days, and will be open until the last event has finished.

Registration Procedure

On arrival at Manchester Regional Arena team captains/coaches need to register at the BUCS Registration Desk and collect their Team Pack, which includes competition numbers, and relay declaration forms if applicable.

Teams need to register only once. It will be assumed that once an Institution has registered, ALL their competitors will participate in every event that they have entered.

Relay teams must still declare on the day and AGAIN for the final. Heat declaration forms are in all team packs, Final declaration forms and spare forms will be available from the BUCS Registration Desk. Please refer to the notes further down the page for more relay declaration information.

Captain’s Meeting

The Captain's Meeting will be held 14:30-15:00 on 06/05/24 in the Squash Court area at the far side of the indoor warm-up area.

Please queue outside the double doors and wait to be let in by a member of BUCS event staff.

Opening Heights and Qualifications

Under the guidelines of UKA these standards have been set based on the nationally recognised method of looking at the BPs submitted for the event.

The starting heights/progressions and qualification heights/distances will be displayed in the registration area at the event, and a copy will be uploaded here.

Presentations / BUCS Points and Medals

Presentations will be made at the earliest possible opportunity following the conclusion of the discipline.

Please see Appendix 1 for the BUCS Points available at this event.

Appendix 1 should be read alongside Regulation 6

Rules and Regulations

Please click here to read the BUCS Athletics Rules and Regulations

Please click here to download the Competition Rules


Withdrawals, Substitutions and Clashing Events Forms

Pre-event Clashing Events Forms, Substitutions and Withdrawals will close at noon on Tuesday 30th April 2024. After this point clashing events forms, substitutions and withdrawals MUST be made at the event.

Withdrawals and substitutions may be made up to 120 minutes before the start of each event. Team captains must complete a withdrawal/substitution form and submit this to the Withdrawals and Substitutions Desk by this time.

1. The 120 minute deadline will be judged from the clock on the Registration Desk.

2. Substitutions can only be made from the list of reserves submitted to BUCS by institutions electronically prior to the event or with an individual who has already been entered into another event and is listed elsewhere in the programme.

3. Substitutes must have an eligible BP within the qualifying period, i.e. 1st January 2022 and the entry closing date 2nd April 2024, inclusive, for the event they are to be substituted into and will be checked on the day. Standards and permitted performances will also apply to substitutions.

4. Following the closure of entries and any subsequent checking of BPs, athletes on the reserve list will not be allowed to be substituted into an event from which they have previously been rejected if the reason for rejection was failing to provide a BP within the qualifying period, i.e. between 1st January 2022 and the entry closing date 2nd April 2024, inclusive, failing to provide a Po10 link (or equivalent results link) or not meeting the required standard for the 5000m, Pole Vault or Triple Jump.

5. The online withdrawal and substitution forms will be live when entries close for this event. They will remain open until midday on Tuesday 30th April 2024.  After this time withdrawals and substitutions must be made in person at the event.

6. Mass withdrawals or substitutions may be submitted via email to Maddi Cannell but must be on an excel sheet, in the format of the examples below. They will remain open until midday on Tuesday 30th April 2024.




Race # 


First name 

Last name 







Race # Out 

First name 

Last name 

Race # In 

Last name 

First name 




Important to note:  

Entry standards will apply to any substitutions. Following the closure of entries and any subsequent checking of Best Performances, athletes on the reserve list will not be allowed to be substituted into an event from which they have previously been rejected if the reason for rejection was failing to provide a Best Performance within the qualifying period, failing to provide a Power of 10 link (or equivalent results link) or not meeting the required standard where standards are necessary. 

Please see REG 7.9 for our withdrawal policy


All institutions will receive a transport survey from Maddi Cannell. It is important this is completed by the institution in as much detail as possible.

This is at the request of the venue to help with parking at Sportcity which is hosting several events over the weekend.


There are changing and toilet facilities, including accessible facilities, throughout the stadium and indoor warm up area.

Equipment Weigh In

Equipment weigh in is 120 minutes prior to first scheduled event. Please ensure all pieces are equipment are taken to the weigh in room by the deadline.

A maximum of 2 implements per competitor per discipline.

Food and Drink

There will be a café on site selling food and drink for competitors and spectators located in the reception area of the indoor track.

Competition Numbers

Athletes have been allocated individual competition numbers. Each competitor must wear their individual competition number as stated on the entry lists. Athletes will wear the same competition number in every event they compete in. Every athlete shall be provided with two bibs which, during the competition shall be worn visibly on the front of the torso and back, except in the jumping events, where one bib may be worn on the front of the torso or back only. (UKA Rule T5.7) In the event of a substitution the athlete being substituted in must wear their own number and not change to the original entrants’ number.

In the relays, teams will be allocated team letters which must be retained for the final. Number reprinting will be at the cost of £2 per print.

Kit and Colours

UKA (Rule 5 (1)) must be followed by all athletes with respect to kit. All athletes must wear university coloured appropriate athletic kit, e.g. vest, cropped top, shorts, lycra all-in-one etc., which is which is clean, and designed to be worn so as not to be objectionable. The clothing must be made of a material which is non-transparent even if wet. T-shirts and tracksuit bottoms are not permitted.

Institutions that do not have a team kit may wear a plain running vest/cropped top and shorts at the discretion of the Event Manager/Competition Director, please contact Maddi Cannell prior to the event. If you do not have a plain vest then you can hire a BUCS vest for £20 deposit for the duration of the event. To pick one of these up please go to the registration desk, you will be required to leave your passport or driving license as security. When you return the vest you will get your £20 and ID back.


All three days of competition will be streamed on the BUCS YouTube account.


Spectators are welcome to watch in the stadium free of charge.

Warm Up Area

Warm up should be conducted in the indoor track facility.

Any warm-ups on the indoor track MUST follow the directional signage indicating the one-way system.

For safety reasons, NO Ear/Headphones are to be worn in the warm up area.

Alcohol Consumption

Any alcohol consumption on site during the competition is strictly prohibited. Any competitor failing to adhere to this regulation will be automatically disqualified from the competition and asked to leave the venue.


Where Anti-Doping is present at an event it is standard practice for Doping Control Officers to notify athletes of their selection for testing upon leaving the competition arena. However, athletes should

make the Officer aware if they have another event to compete in. Any athlete who is notified that they are required for testing must comply with this request and provide a sample.

Any athletes entering the BUCS Outdoor Athletics Championships (i) acknowledge that they are bound by UKA’s Anti-Doping rules, (ii) agree to submit to drugs testing in connection with this event in accordance with UKA’s Anti-Doping rules (which may involve providing a blood and/or urine sample); and (iii) confirm that they are either aged 18 years or older or that the person(s) having parental responsibility for them consent to the above testing. To check the status of registered medicines please visit For information on testing procedures please visit The UKA Anti-Doping Rules are available at For general anti-doping queries please contact [email protected].

Photography and Videography

Anyone wishing to take photos or video at this event must complete the BUCS Media Accreditation Form prior to the event 

BUCS reserves the right to prohibit photography equipment being used at a BUCS event. BUCS reserves the right to request that the individual ceases to take photographs, deletes any images and, if considered necessary, leaves the venue.

During this event, various filming, photography, and broadcasting may take place. By your presence at this event, you grant your permission for your likeness and voice to be included in pictures and/or on film, and their advertising without compensation or credit.  

BUCS Points and Medals

BUCS Points and Medals available are listed in Appendix 1 which should be read in conjunction with BUCS Regulation 6


The sustainability of our event matters to us and these are the positive steps we are taking to manage our environmental impact:

· All staff and volunteers are encouraged to travel to the event via public transport

· We have used local suppliers where possible

· Lots of our event documentation such as event programmes, heat sheets, start lists, and results are all online, minimising paper usage

How can you help at this event? Here’s some ideas:

· Be self-sufficient by using refillable bottles and coffee cups to reduce waste

· Travel smarter – as a team on a minibus, cycle or use public transport

· Go paperless - use your phone for all event information

· Check out the Active Travel link on Manchester City Council website here


As BUCS’ kit provider, New Balance are giving you as BUCS Athletes the chance to access a range of bespoke Outdoor Championships 2023-24 kit. To purchase this new range click here.