With categories for every bow type and every ability, this event suits everybody!

This event will be run in line will be run in line with the Covid-19 Measures laid out by BUCS and in adherance with the Archery GB guidelines for competition and Government guidelines.


As mentioned in the Event Guide spectators are not permitted at the event. Coaches are not encouraged to attend, but any coaches that have previouly been in touch with BUCS should remain behind the Tent Line at all times.

Event Guide 

Travel & Arrival

Please travel alone to the event where possible, the event is restricted to BUCS Competitors, Field Party, Volunteers and Staff.

Please do not arrive before 08:30 on Saturday, and 07:30 on Sunday.

Registration will take place on the field from 09:00 (Saturday) and 08:00 (Sunday), where you MUST present your AGB membership card and student card. Anyone without the relevant identification may not be permitted to compete.

All competitors, and anyone on site, will be required to have their temperature taken, anyone failing a temperature check will not be permitted to compete. A high temperature is considered to be over 38C. Covid-19 Health Questionnaires should be completed before arriving at the event and will be emailed to all participants the week before.


Please follow the link for information on parking for the event. 

Where possible, please leave enough room between cars for social distancing.


Chair of Judges

Gareth Beeby


Ian Ashworth, Kieran Dexter, Ian Helliwell, Deb Horn, David Leach, Adam Trott & Robert Potts

Entry Lists, Changes and Target Lists

A list of entries for checking can be found here:

This is for institutions to check that all details are correct and then advise Alice Robinson, via their Athletic Union ONLY, of any amendments required by 5pm on Thursday 3 June 2021 – no competitor details can be changed after this deadline under any circumstances.

Please note: Requests for changes to the data submitted on BUCS Play, will be subject to an admin charge of £10 per change. These requests are not guaranteed. No new entries will be accepted during this window.

This list does not guarantee that the entries will be accepted as all entries are subject to verification and the cut which will be made after Thursday 3 June 2021. Entries will not be classed as accepted until shown on the Accepted Entries List.

Institutions will have until 5pm on Thursday 3 June 2021 to review this list and request any substitutions that may be required and also to check that no previously submitted or corrected entry information has been incorrectly changed in the construction of this list. Substitutions cannot be guaranteed, is subject to the approval of the organisers, can only be made using those listed on the relevant reserve list and cannot be made after 5pm on Thursday 3 June 2021 under any circumstances.

The final Event Guide and an Accepted Entries List will then be published on Friday 4 June 2021.

A Final Target List will then be released on Friday 11 June 2021 once the field is setup. Only those persons listed on the Final Accepted Entries List, published on Friday 4 June 2021 can participate.





Before 5pm Wednesday 2 June


After 5pm Wednesday 2 June, before 5pm Monday 7 June


After 5pm Monday 7 June


No show





Where an individual develops a new injury/medical condition requiring them to withdraw, a medical note can be submitted to avoid incurring a fine.

Withdrawals and substitutions should be sent via e-mail by an Institution Administrator to Alice Robinson.

Please be aware of the Events Cancellations, Withdrawals and Refunds Policy for the BUCS Extraordinary Season 2020-21.


Competition Format

BUCS Outdoor Archery Championships WA900 (Saturday)

ALL ARCHERS: WA900 (60m, 50m and 40m)

All distances will be shot in 6-arrow ends and at 122cm faces.

BUCS Outdoor Archery Championships H2H Tournament (Sunday)

Qualification Rounds:

Championship (Experienced) Men’s and Women’s Recurve/Longbow Round: WA70m (122cm faces)

Trophy (Novice) Men’s and Women’s Recurve/Longbow Round: WA60m (122cm faces)

Championship (Experienced) and Trophy (Novice) Men’s and Women’s Barebow Round: WA50m (122cm faces)

Championship (Experienced) and Trophy (Novice) Men’s and Women’s Compound Round: WA50m (80cm 6 ring (10>5) faces)

Followed by head to head elimination matches; consisting of the best of 5 sets of 3 arrows for Recurve, Barebow and Longbow and five ends of three arrows for Compound.

Qualification round will be shot in timed 6-arrow ends with timing controlled by an electronic timer system with countdown clocks. The time allowed for 6 arrows will be 4 minutes. Before the round begins there will be up to 45 minutes of timed practice, in timed ends of 4 minutes. During practice archers may shoot as many arrows as they want to in the time allowed.

Elimination matches will be shot in timed ends of 3 arrows. The time allowed for 3 arrows will be 2 minutes. Recurve, Barebow, and Longbow will shoot matches best of 5 sets of 3 arrow a set. Compound will shoot 15 arrows per match.

Shooting Procedure

Please ensure that you observe social distancing at all times.

Please keep bows and scopes in the waiting area boxes in front of the tents when not in use.

First detail must remove scopes on the line after shooting, second detail can leave for next end.


On each target one archer will complete the paper scorecards and one the electronic tablet. Scorecards must be completed in blue or black ink. These roles should not be swapped through the day. Please maintain social distancing at the target and with archers on the adjacent target. When score sheets need to be handed in, they should be checked then signed, use your own pen please, and placed in a box on the waiting line as directed by the DoS. We will be marking arrow holes. Archers should only mark and pull their own arrows.

WA Target Awards

All archers remain eligible for WA Target awards on Saturday. For the Sunday, all experienced archers and novice compound and barebow archers will all be eligible for target awards.

Record Status

  • This event is eligible for World Record Status
  • Archers competing at Record Status tournaments may be liable for drug testing, and competitors approached to give samples must comply, refusal will be interpreted as a positive result.

Schedule (subject to change)

Friday 11 June

17:30    Target List Released. Line tents cannot be placed until after this time, and once permission has been given by the organisers (Line tents erected before permission has been granted shall be removed). The release of target allocation (both online and pinned up on the field) can be taken as permission from the organiser to setup line tents. Line tents must be placed in their allocated position as shown on the field layout diagram.

Please note there is no practice permitted on Friday

Saturday 12 June

09:00                Registration Opens

10:00                Registration Closes

10:00                Assembly (via speakers) 

10:15                30 minutes of practice, followed immediately by the start of the Shooting Round

17:00                End of Shooting Round

Sunday 13 June

08:00    Registration opens – Sunday only participants required. Those who competed on Saturday do not need to re-register on Sunday

08:30                Registration Closes

08:30                Assembly followed by Practice

09:30                Start of Shooting Qualification Round

12:30                End of Shooting Qualification Round

13:30                Start of Head to Head Matches

18:00                Results


  • Archery GB dress regulations as shown in Rule 307 will apply


All arrows used by an archer must be numbered and have their name or initials on them (on the arrow shaft, not the fletchings) and every arrow shot in a single end must be identical. For clarity, this means that different arrows can be shot throughout the day, as long as all arrows that are shot in any single end are exactly the same. All arrows which an archer intends to use will need to be inspected by the judges at equipment inspection. It is recommended to bring multiple spare arrows (e.g. a total of 9+) as the shoot will not be held up to allow archers to find/fix lost/damaged arrows.

During equipment inspection, judges will not touch any of your equipment. Inspection will be visual. If bow scales are used for compounds they will be sanitised by the judges between each use and placed on a table for you to use.

Please bring your own hand sanitiser and a face covering. Hand sanitiser will be made available to everyone on the field and should be used when you enter and leave the field.

Metal Detectors

If your club owns a metal detector, we would be very grateful if you could bring the metal detector with you. A system will be implemented to ensure that all metal detectors are well looked after and that the person in charge of it is accountable for any damage to the metal detector. If you can bring a metal detector, or any other equipment you think would benefit us, please let us know by e-mailing [email protected]


There will be a catering service in the pavilion selling food and drinks from 08:00-15:00 on each day of shooting, or alternatively competitors can bring a packed lunch. All competitors are advised to bring plenty of water with them to drink throughout the day, however there is a drinking water tap on the side of the pavilion to refill bottles. There will not be time to leave the shoot at lunchtime to purchase food from a supermarket. Queen’s Bar will be selling a limited selection of food and drink, however please observe government guidance on indoor eating when dining here.

Medical Cover

Reliance Ambulance will be providing first aid cover for the event. To minimise contact and possible cross contamination we would advise all participant to bring their own small first aid kit for minor details. All incidents however, must be reported to BUCS.

Covid-19 Measures

What are we doing to ensure your safety?

What’s new for 2020-21?

Like always, we are taking safety at our event seriously. After careful consideration during the off season regarding the current Covid-19 pandemic, the BUCS team have implemented the following measures to promote the health and wellbeing of competitors, officials, volunteers and staff.

We created these measures by:

  1. Seeking advice from local authorities and National Governing Bodies regarding the current Covid-19 restrictions and recommendations
  2. Collaboration with the host venues
  3. Following of Government and NHS advice
  4. Consultation with BUCS Chief Medical Officer

New Measures:

  1. Event Disclaimer updated to include specifics around Covid-19
  2. Reduced entries to allow for increased spacing between bosses
  3. Adjusted event format to enforce all safety protocols such as social distancing
  4. Designated times for arrival
  5. Staff members and volunteers interacting with competitors will be wearing appropriate PPE/face coverings
  6. Temperature checks on arrival. Any competitor failing a temperature check will not be permitted to compete.
  7. Covid-19 questionnaire completed in advance of the event
  8. Contactless registration, such as no touching by event staff of AGB membership cards or phones  
  9. Increased access to hand sanitiser
  10. Increased signage on hand washing
  11. No handshakes and high-fives
  12. Extra cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces and facilities
  13. We will be operating on a restricted access policy and no spectators are permitted
  14. Unfortunately, no presentations will take place and all medals will be placed in envelopes for collection at the end of the event
  15. Competitors must depart promptly after competition finishes – no hanging around post event

What’s expected of competitors:

  1. Event competitors should stay home if they have any Covid-19 symptoms, live in the same household with someone with Covid-19 symptoms or have been diagnosed with, or suspected to have, Covid-19 in the past 14 days.
  2. Competitors must follow direction from BUCS staff
  3. Competitors must comply with temperature checks. Any competitor failing a temperature check will not be permitted to compete.
  4. Competitors must complete Covid-19 questionnaire before competing
  5. Competitors should always follow social distancing guidance
  6. Competitors should ensure they are following hand hygiene practices at all times
  7. Competitors should wear a face covering when indoors (such as using the pavilion toilets and café)
  8. Competitors should not share equipment at this time unless permitted within NGB guidance
  9. Follow the guidance and safety procedures outlined for the event you are attending. These can be found in the Event Guide

Despite all these extra measures we have implemented, it is impossible to fully remove all risk.

Please carefully consider your options and make sure you are completely comfortable with the risks involved, before attending this event.

The dedicated Covid-19 Officer for this event is Ryan Koolen, if you have any questions or concerns on the day please either speak to Ryan or the Event Manager, Alice Robinson.

Drug Testing

Record status shoots are liable for drug testing. Any competitor approached to give samples MUST comply. If they refuse, that refusal will be treated as a positive result.

BUCS Competitions 2021-22

BUCS would like to encourage clubs attending the competition to consider hosting an Indoor Championships. These include Indoor Qualifiers (North, South and Central) and Indoor National Finals for next season. If you have an interest in hosting any of these prestigious events, please email [email protected]