Pin down the competition in the BUCS Judo Programme

The BUCS Judo Championships competition is divided into Dan and Kyu grades and splits across various weight categories. There is both an individual and team competitions. 

The 2021-22 Championships:

We're happy to announce the 2021-22 Judo Championships are heading to the University of Wolverhampton (Walsall Campus) on 26-27 February 2022.

More information about the event can be found on the event page.


Judo Event Management Group

BUCS works alongside an Event Management Group (EMG) for Judo who advise us on our decision making. 

Members include:

Chair: Malcolm Limrick

Neil Lawcock

Peter Holme

Paul Smith

Chris Doherty

For any questions about Judo, please email Luke Gallen.

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