For over 150 years, sport has been central to life at the University of Edinburgh. As part of its continual commitment to providing best-in-class spaces to students, staff, and the local community, the University has partnered with Technogym to create the unique Eric Liddell gym space.

An exciting new gym unveiled for the new academic year 

The Eric Liddell Gym is set to open in August 2023, just in time for a new academic year. With 42,000 students on campus and 15,000 staff at the University, the team anticipate a lot of positive feedback. 

“We really think students and staff will be thrilled by the new harmonised space, the increased amount of equipment, and access to Technogym’s ground-breaking entertainment package and fitness monitoring,” said Katherine Corbett, the University’s Active Health Manager. 

Seven-figure refurbishment for Eric Liddell gym at the Pleasance 

The University’s Pleasance Sports Complex and Gym is an award-winning facility with a rich history dating back to the 1930s. Previous gym space provision within the Pleasance included two adjacent areas dedicated separately to cardio and fixed weights activities. 

As part of its vision to increase participation in physical activity, the University has partnered with Technogym to create a unique, appealing and cutting-edge gym proposition – the Eric Liddell Gym.  

Physical activity as a common language for student life 

“Sport and activity underpin community life on campus,” said Mark Munro, University of Edinburgh’s Director of Sport & Active Health “We believe wellness is about choice, and we want to offer users an abundance of ways to engage with physical activity. Our job is to enable people to become their best, through spaces and experiences that help people believe they are capable of great things.” 

The new gym will uphold this ‘best in class’ mantra by offering an exceptional user experience for anyone looking for cardio, fixed strength, or functional exercise. 

Celebrating Eric Liddell’s Olympic gold centenary 

The Eric Liddell Gym will be a flagship gym space, occupying a premium location and offering the largest individual gym space on campus at 765sqm and 128 training stations. The space is named in honour of University of Edinburgh alumnus Eric Liddell whose gold medal success at the 1924 Paris Olympic Games was featured in ’Chariots of Fire’.  The high-profile Eric Liddell 100 campaign will mark his centenary at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. 

A central location for cardio and strength training 

The 765sqm space will retain much of its original architectural heritage whilst featuring new floor covering, ceiling grid, feature lighting, and wall finishes for a premium quality, inspiring multi-functional training environment.  

Zoning of the space has been developed in collaboration with Technogym in response to user feedback and shifting fitness trends, using data collection and sensor analyses to inform layout of equipment.  

Digital connectivity will allow users to monitor and review their activity and interact with other software solutions via Technogym Mywellness Cloud platform, and cutting-edge content on the cardio products will give members more choice in how they engage with activity. 

Choosing an equipment mix for an international student population 

The University were excited to choose cardio and strength training equipment that would create a real buzz across its membership base.  

Technogym Excite Line makes training more fun and inspiring for any fitness level with its variety of workouts and countless entertainment options. Offering trainer-led Sessions for maximum fun combined with performance or further choice from one of our the quick and effective Routines with video or pop-up message for guidance and support. Above all Excite Live is designed to inspire people to embrace exercise and make it a part of their daily lives and achieve results in a fun and motivating way. 

In the strength training zone, Technogym Selection offers an effective workout with sleek lines and perfectly tuned biomechanics. Selection is the new generation of selectorised equipment for strength training covering all the major muscle groups.  

Additionally, a complete range of cable products create a complete the strength training zone with multiple Technogym Dual Adjustable Pulley – offering a multi directional movement to perform explosive exercises focused on maximising strength and building power and speed and Technogym Cable Stations 12 to offer offering endless strength and stability workout options and making the most efficient use of space at the same time. Cable Station 12 offer an impressive 6 Adjustable Pulleys, 2 Dual Row Pulleys, 2 Dual Lat Pull Downs, 2 Triceps modules and 2 Pullup handles on the Connection Bridges make this configuration the most complete in the range. 

Partnership as a key strategic driver for the University of Edinburgh Sport 

The University is committed to forging links that maximise its impact. Technogym was selected by the University for this project after a highly competitive public procurement process. The tender represents Technogym’s first formal business relationship with the University of Edinburgh and is framed around an initial 5 year term where Technogym will be the primary supplier of mainstream cardio and pin select fitness stations. 

“We are truly delighted to partner with, Technogym,” said Chris McIntosh, University of Edinburgh’s Sports Infrastructure and Sustainability Manager. “The partnership goes much deeper than equipment and maintenance. Technogym will support the training and development of our student-centred gym team, and help us pioneer approaches to corporate well-being interventions 

Shared values to change lives through sport and active health 

“Technogym enjoys a global reputation for design and innovation, and they have a matching passion for build quality and after sales support,” said Chris. “Above all, the equipment feels and looks great.  

The partnership represents the synergy of two world-leading organisations with common values and the drive to find solutions through research, development, innovation and knowledge transfer.   

“Technogym really cares,” said Mark. “Their passion for movement, commitment to sustainability, social responsibility and the environment chime perfectly with the University’s corporate pledges and approaches.”, 

The future of physical activity provision at the University of Edinburgh 

The University of Edinburgh enjoys a sector leading reputation for the quality and scope of its sport and fitness offer. Over the next few years, the partnership with Technogym will help power developments across the University’s campuses. 

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