The UK University rowing crews walk away on top of the medal table at the 2019 EUSA Rowing Championships.

A squad of 50 rowers, from 11 universities headed off to Jönköping, Sweden to compete in the 2019 EUSA Rowing Championships. They come back home with big smiles on their faces as they finished top of the table of 12 other European countries. 

With five gold, three silver and three bronze, United Kindom took the honours. Germany finished second and the Netherlands claimed third.  

Congratulations to all those involved, and get ready for things to heat up for the 2019-20 BUCS Rowing season. 

Gold Medal

  • Lwt1x  (Bath University) 
  • M8+ (Imperial  University) 
  • M1x (Queen's Belfast University) 
  • M4x (Reading University) 
  • W4x (Reading University)

Silver Medal

  • MLwt4- (Oxford University) 
  • WLwt4x (Oxford University) 
  • MLwt2- (Glasgow University) 

Bronze Medal  

  • W2- (CambridgeUniversity) 
  • W4- (Imperial University) 
  • MLwt2x (Nottingham University) 
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