We are excited to announce the launch of BUCS TV, our platform designed to showcase all university sport content.

Working in partnership with Joymo, and in consultation with stakeholders, the platform will initially launch for a beta-stage testing period, as we start the journey of making BUCS fixtures and events even more accessible to watch. In the 2021-22 season, 124 events and 26,440 fixtures took place across the BUCS calendar, treating us to a spectacle of student sport.

Joymo’s multi-sport technology enables the easy capture of live sport through cameras or a mobile phone, creating a huge opportunity for all 162 universities and colleges under the BUCS umbrella to stream their own games through a single platform.

Michael Heath, Head of Digital and Engagement at BUCS, commented on the announcement; “Over the last year, broadcast was a key digital project we focussed on to drive profile and engagement. There is a clear appetite from not just students, but general sports fans around the world, to watch the next generation of sporting talent. 

YouTube has long been the home for BUCS fans to watch the games they love, but partnering with Joymo allows us to make content available from multiple different sources – from broadcast cameras right through to mobile phones. We look forward to continuing the 2022-23 season with an even greater pool of content, with viewers able to experience BUCS fixtures and events in a new and innovative way.”

Mike Emery, CEO at Joymo, said: “Higher education sport has been a key focus for Joymo and we are delighted to partner with BUCS, one of the leading bodies globally. We love BUCS’ ambition to create the best university sport experience in the world and the launch of BUCS TV is testament to that aim. BUCS TV empowers all members to broadcast every single event and fixture via the Joymo platform, enabling fans, family and alumni to watch live or on-demand, wherever they are in the world. 

By taking control of their content, BUCS, and its members, will also reap several additional benefits including the ability to generate and own first-party data and better monetise content by unlocking an array of advertising streams.”

Fixtures will be available on BUCS TV from Saturday 4 February, where the BUCS and Teach First Tennis Super Weekend will be broadcast live from the National Tennis Centre.  Flagship events such as BUCS Nationals and BUCS Big Wednesday, in February and March, will also be broadcast solely on the platform. 

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