Liverpool John Moores University has a 100-year history of academic sports programmes and is a world leader in sports and exercise science. To mark the next stage of the University’s sports participation agenda, LJMU Sport has unveiled a £14 million sports building and gym.

Dr.Tudor Williams, Director of Campus Services, talks about the LJMU Sport’s partnership with Technogym.

“As we move into the next phase of our Sports Strategy, the focus is on accessibility and participation,” Tudor says. “Our new sports building is in the heart of the city, close to transport links and well placed for the 10,000 students who live within a mile of the city centre. The new gym will facilitate our vision of offering a broad range of activities to as many students and staff as possible.”

Facilitating a new Sports Strategy

LJMU Sport’s new gym increases the breadth and scale of activities available to staff and students, which includes leisure users, high-performance athletes, and sports teams.

“Our partnership with Technogym has been a crucial part of getting our new sports strategy out of the planning stage and into reality,” says Tudor. “They worked with us on gym layout, optimal use of space, and of course selecting the best equipment to cater for a wide range of users.”

LJMU’s new gym space will be open 7 days a week from early to late, offering more than 40 classes as well as gym use.

“Early data suggests the largest take up will be in our participation and club programmes,” says Tudor. “Research shows that the habits started at University will continue when students leave. We want students to really enjoy physical activity during their time with us.”

Innovating the user experience with Excite Live

Due to its innovative digital interface, LJMU Sport’s new gym knew they wanted to feature Technogym Excite Live in its cardio suite.

“We chose Excite Live because we knew the students would love the aesthetics and functionality of the kit,” says Tudor. “The high level of connectivity is also a big benefit to students who want to be able to link their activities, access content, and have everything in one place.”

Creating a “jewel in the crown” of LJMU Sport

The vast L-shaped gym is set over two floors and is the most eye-catching element of LJMU Sport’s incredible £14m sports facility development, with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the piazza.

“Technogym have a tremendous reputation, and we knew many of our student athletes would already be fans of the equipment, the equipment is highly aesthetic with an advanced level of connectivity - everything students look for in a brand experience.”

Technogym Skillrun has been introduced on the gym floor. This new innovative product is the ideal way to showcase small group training, encouraging students working out nearby to experience the best running experience for themselves.

“The design of the gym means students will be able to look in and see the Technogym bootcamp classes and gym activity going on,” says Tudor. “We hope this will create a real buzz to drive participation.”

A design-led multi-use facility

To reflect the vibrant lifestyle of the University, the gym building has been designed to function as a gym facility, a venue for group classes, and as a site for academic teaching and coaching.

“Technogym helped us design a gym that can serve our unique mix of users,” says Tudor. “It will be used by gym goers and high performance sports athletes during peak times, with group classes in the mornings. At lunchtime it will be used by sports clubs and classes. Afternoons will be given over to academic teaching, and evening use will be for sports clubs, gym and classes.”

Uniting the University on one app

As part of their newest sport strategy, LJMU Sport has brought the sports facility, sports clubs, and academic sports science departments together under new branding. The University is using a customised version of Technogym’s Mywellness to keep everyone connected.

“Mywellness is a key part of the new LJMU Sport brand,” explains Tudor. “It’s extremely helpful for consistency of messaging, for recruitment, and for maintaining a strong link with our alumni. We are glad to have found such a flexible and robust platform that can adapt to the very specific needs of LJMU Sport.”

LJMU Sport has a six-year sport strategy, with active lifestyles forming the core of their vision.

“Technogym have been alongside us since the start of this new facility,” says Tudor. “They understood our vision from the beginning and we are confident that they will help us deliver on our vision for wider participation in physical activity from students and staff.”

Liverpool John Moores University will be working with Technogym over the next few years to keep their marketing fresh and innovative as well being updated with the latest Technogym product and solutions.

“The support doesn’t end when the equipment is delivered. That’s what makes Technogym a true partner on a project of this size”.

Technogym look forward to continuing to work closely with Liverpool John Moores University and support them in increasing activity and engagement across the campus.

“We are delighted to develop a partnership with Liverpool John Moores University and support them in moving to the next phase of their sports strategy focussing on accessibility and participation. We are incredibly proud to work with an institution that prioritises Wellness, and their approach aligns perfectly with the Technogym mission and values.” - Ben Sandham, Sales Area Manager, Health, Corporate and Performance.

If you are interested in hearing how Technogym can support your institution, please contact Ben Sandham, Technogym Area Sales Manager.

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