Technogym's worldwide social campaign promoting Wellness and physical activity is back from 14 - 31 March

Technogym, the world leading brand in fitness, wellness, sports and health, announces Let’s Move for a Better World Challenge 2023, a new edition of the global social campaign created to inspire people and promote healthy lifestyles.

From 14-31 March, people exercising in facilities all over the world partaking to the social campaign (in clubs, universities, hotels and companies) will be able to collect moves, Technogym's unity of measurement for exercise, in order to reach the threshold and win exercise kits to be donated to a local no-profit association of their choice.

Alongside its important social message, the campaign also represents a very powerful tool for facilities to become ambassadors of the Wellness Lifestyle and give a concrete contribution to their local community. Among the promotional activities during Let’s Move for a Better World Challenge 2023, facilities can engage their users with special events and classes and boost users’ loyalty, motivation, and attendance.

By focusing on the community of each centre, the campaign helps in improving team spirit by encouraging the achievement of a common goal. The last edition led to important developments for the participating facilities showing how attendance increased on average by 26%, new memberships by 15% and 86% of the people involved in the centre (trainers and staff) noted an improvement in team spirit during trainings, which consequently enhanced the working environment and ensured a better atmosphere among users.

The “Let's Move for a Better World” campaign perfectly sums up the Technogym mission of spreading Wellness on a global scale. Technogym believes that educating people is essential to reach this goal and to create a more sustainable society that has well-being as one of its founding values.

Register now to involve your members and your local community in our dream of creating a better world. 

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