Here is your opportunity to be part of the BUCS Triathlon legacy

The opportunity to host any of the BUCS Triathlon events for the 2022-23 season is now open.


BUCS has 3 events as part of the Triathlon Programme. 

1. Duathlon

2. Sprint Triathlon & Mixed Relay 

3. Standard Triathlon

In 2022- 23, the BUCS Triathlon events were held all over the country and we're excited to see where they will go this year.

BUCS Triathlon sees a range of participants of all abilities and caters for para-athletes. With numbers growing year on year it's set to be a fantastic season for BUCS Triathlon. 



  • 5km Run/20km Bike/2.5km Run
  • Usually held in October-November

Sprint Triathlon

  • 400m Swim/20km Bike/5km Run
  • Usually held in April-May
  • Pool swim preferred

Mixed Relay Event (following Sprint Triathlon)

  • Approximately a third of the Sprint Distance- recommended but not madatory

Standard Triathlon

  • 1500m Open Water Swim/40km/10km Run
  • Usually held in May-June


Bid Documents

Event Criteria

The event criteria detailing the requirements to host any fo the BUCS Triathlon events can be found here.

Bid Documents 


Sprint Triathlon & Mixed Relay

Standard Triathlon


10th July 2023

All Bid Questionnaires available to complete

17:00 – 31st August 2023

Duathlon, Sprint & Standard Deadline for submission of Bid Questionnaire

Early September

Host venues announced


Please submit any bid documents by the deadline to Chris Lamb 


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