A McKinsey study shows that wellness is a key priority for 50% of the consumers and it’s important for 81%. The American College of Sports Medicine releases its new survey on 2023 fitness trends.

It’s that time of year when we all set our new year’s resolutions and eye up the next fitness trends we might experience in the next months. And what’s clear as we move into 2023 is that things haven’t simply gone back to their pre-pandemic ways. Our priorities and expectations have changed and our daily fitness habits with them.

If we were to pick just one trend to talk about the year that is about to begin, it would be wellness – now a $1.5 trillion market globally according to McKinsey research, and growing by 5–10 per cent a year. Identifying “multiple dimensions of wellness” – health, fitness, sport, nutrition, appearance, sleep and mindfulness – McKinsey says wellness is now a top everyday priority for 50 per cent of all consumers, while 81 per cent agree it’s important.

Another mega trend that goes hand in hand with the digital revolution is personalization. We expect personalized products and services in every aspect of our life: think Netflix, Amazon and all those other businesses that remember you and your preferences on every visit. Fitness is no different, and the good news is that – courtesy of the connected fitness equipment, fitness apps, smartphones, wearable technology we carry around with us 24/7 – there’s plenty of data to draw on. Whether we’re in the gym, enjoying a home workout or taking part in outdoor activities, the equipment or the devices we carry offer us a fully personalized experience on our passions, goals and aspirations.

Going more specific, what will be the hottest fitness trends in 2023? In practical terms, in which direction will our fitness and wellness experiences – at the gym, at home and outdoors – evolve? And what discipline or training method will be more popular?

Every year since 2007, ACSM - American College of Sports Medicine – publishes the results of the “Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends”, a comprehensive review that involves thousands of fitness and wellness professionals from across the globe including experts such as personal trainers, exercise physiologists, medical professionals, and gym club owners. The final report aims to monitor, assess, predict and introduce new fitness trends that impact the evolution of the sector itself.

Those will be the top 10 worldwide fitness trends for 2023 according to the survey, alongside with the specific Technogym products and training experiences in line with the different trends:

1. Wearable technologies

Wearable technologies, which have been on the podium every year since 2016, are also premiere standout trends for 2023. Fitness trackers, heart rate monitors and smartwatches are more and more popular to store biometric data, motivating you to work on your performance and improve it over time. In this regard, Apple Watch and many other wearable devices can be synchronized to all Technogym cardio equipment, or to the Mywellness platform (also compatible with Fitbit, Garmin and Polar) for a fully connected workout experience and to track your exercise both on Technogym equipment and  outdoors.

2. Strength training with free weights

Strength training is with no doubts a very hot consumer trend and it gained 2 positions compared to the 2022 ranking. Technogym Bench - the new functional training station - has been designed to combine maximum exercise variety with minimum footprint by enabling you to perform the largest range of exercises for resistance, strength and core training in a limited space, thanks to its innovative design and enclosed tools. Exercise options include the possibility to combine weights, elastic bands, dumbbells, weighted knuckles, and a training mat to empower you to perform endless total body workouts.

3. Body-weight training

Body-weight training uses the weight of the body as resistance, performing simple to complex movements. Technogym App offers you a library of on-demand video training experiences developed by Technogym and specialized PT coach, based on artificial intelligence, that creates and proposes the most suitable programmes for your specific needs and goals, that constantly evolves based on goal and progression. In addition, on Technogym Live equipment console you can find a wide selection of body weight off equipment exercised that complement the training experience on the equipment.

4. Fitness programs for older adults

With fitness and wellness centres re-opening, all over the world, fitness programmes for senior are back among the industry top ranking trends. In this case ease of use and safety are the keywords. Biocircuit, Technogym’s circuit training solution, is ideal for older adults thanks to its guided programme that delivers an engaging experience that requires no adjustments or wait time, since exercises, workload, work/rest ratio and pace have been defined and integrated into personalized programmes.

5. Functional fitness training

Functional fitness allows you to train at the same time strength, balance and flexibility. Functional fitness equipment is available in a number of different forms, encouraging optimized training for a wide range of aspirations and goals. From Kinesis to Technogym Bench to Omnia, Technogym offers a full range of functional training experiences both at home and at the gym.

6. Outdoor activities

Outdoor is one of the most growing trends with people combining outdoor experiences with their indoor training. Technogym, within its connected Ecosystem has developed different solutions to provide you outdoor training experience, starting from Technogym App that allows you to set and track your outdoor workout. When it comes to new equipment Technogym Outdoor with be one of the new solutions from 2023: a specific outdoor functional training solution for outdoor spaces.

7. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

It involves interval training sessions consisting of high-intensity exercises followed by medium to low intensity breaks. Its key element lies in the reduction of workout time, which, due to the level of intensity, is effective even when performed for short periods. This type of training can be done in fitness clubs, but also at home or outdoors. Technogym’s answer to this trend includes different training experiences - such as Skillrun BootcampSkillathletic Training or SkillX - designed around Skill Line, the equipment range designed for those willing to improve their athletic performance.

8. Exercise for weight loss

Probably because of the lock-down related weight gains, exercise for weight loss made a comeback in 2022, and it keeps ranking within the top 10 trends from 2023. Keeping a healthy diet and staying active are crucial for weight loss. Technogym Live console offers you a wide range of training options, including specific weight loss programmes, to choose from in order to create fully personalized training experiences.

9. Employing certified fitness professionals

In today’s post-covid scenario, fitness, health and wellness have become central priorities for people. Alongside this new perception, people are looking for quality and for professional services. Technogym has always invested in training and education through its Wellness Institute, a professional academy dedicated to trainers and industry operators' education.

10. Personal training

People have finally realized that the role of the trainer is essential in assessing one’s condition, prescribing the correct training programme, and offering achievable goals based on personal needs and aspirations. Technogym’s Mywellness platform allows personal trainers to manage the entire client journey both at home and at the gym from prescription, to delivery, to tracking to follow up. On the other hand, Technogym App represents the ideal solution for trainers that do not have the Mywellness platform and wish to offer their clients a wide library of on-demand training experiences to choose from.

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