We are releasing a trio of research tenders for important work in football development.

Supported by the FA, the research focusses on three key areas; 

1) The impact of COVID-19. 

This research will aim to establish how significant barriers related to COVID-19 have hindered the development of football and identify recommendations for interventions to encourage and support universities with the return to football.

Impact of COVID-19

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2) Race and Equality. 

The second piece of research is to explore the quantity and quality of engagement across leadership and volunteering opportunities of students from a variety of diverse ethnic backgrounds.  

Race and Equality

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3) The motivations and profiles of BUCS Football Athletes.   

Lastly, we are keen to understand the motivations linked to student athletes who participate within the lower tiers of BUCS football, to ensure we provide a positive competition offer which supports the objectives for the FA’s new strategy for 2020-24.  

BUCS Football Athletes

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Matt Dandy, Football and Futsal Development Manager at BUCS, welcomes the opportunity for further research into the sector; “Football has the power to change lives. It is a crucial sport within the higher education sector that actively promotes a huge range of physical and mental health benefits, alongside incredible workforce development opportunities that support the employability of students. 

This trio of research tenders is fundamental to support football, ensuring that despite the last year, it can thrive. At BUCS, we will work with the FA to confirm the three-year approach that will continue to develop football across the higher education sector.  

We are looking forward to working with experts to ensure that BUCS is doing everything possible to ensure the football workforce is representative, whilst providing accessible opportunities to engage and participate in the game at all levels.” 

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