Entry Information

Entry Dates and costs

Entries open: Tuesday 12 December 2023

Entry cost: £54

Entry closing dates for Student/Competitor: Tuesday 9 January 2024

Institution Administrator Approval Deadline: Thursday 11 January 2024
(Institution Administrators have 48 hours after the student/competitor deadline to approve entries)

As such, please ensure all entries are submitted through BUCS Play prior to the closing date listed above. Late or incomplete entries will not be accepted.

Wheelchair entries will open in January.

Selection Criteria

Selections for main draw, qualifying draws and reserve lists will be published by the end of January.

At least 8 players will be selected directly for main draw for each of the men’s and women’s singles. Further players may be chosen according to the overall balance of players’ standings and the number of qualifiers to come forward. The main draws will each be 32 players in total. In each qualifying group the number of qualifiers will try to balance similar players being seeded across all groups while also maximising the number of players who can participate in the event – more qualifiers from a group means more players can be accepted in the draw.


Players will be ordered at the discretion of the referee and tournament director who will take into account all available information, including the following criteria:

Players within the same institution are ordered by nominated team order, other than in exceptional circumstances, since BUCS regulations require that nominations are in bone fide playing order.

(The exceptional circumstances could include a player achieving a World Ranking or other very strong results after the team order had been published.)

Selection criteria for individuals is a combination of: 

  • Current ATP/WTA world ranking 
  • WTN
  • Previous world ranking (the higher the best rank)
  • Current ITF ranking 
  • Previous ITF or junior ITF ranking 
  • Higher national ranking 
  • Known results 
  • Team order

Men’s & Women’s singles winner (as long as player registered with ITF as playing under GBR) to receive a qualifying wild card into a British M25/W35 event in 2024. Which event being at the discretion of the LTA Performance Team.

Entry allowance

All institutions will be guaranteed at least one entry per event.  Additional entries will be accepted, subject to entry numbers, in order of merit. Players should be entered by the university in order of merit. 

To assist seeding and entry selection, players' entry information should include details of ATP/WTA/ITF Pro Tour/ITF Junior/Tennis Europe/significant home nation ranking, not local results. 

By entering the competition, the student is confirming that they are willing and able to compete.

Withdrawals & Reserves

Any player unable to attend their regional qualifying event must inform Sophie Kitson (BUCS Tennis Programme Coordinator – [email protected]) as soon as possible, copying in their Athletic Union to ensure they are aware of the withdrawal.

Any withdrawal later than the Monday prior to the relevant regional qualifying event must also be emailed to the relevant Tournament Referee (please see event guide) and Carl Baldwin: [email protected] (Event Director). Any withdrawal later than 09:00 am on the Friday prior to the relevant regional qualifying event must also be telephoned to the Tournament Referee

Withdrawals of entries offered a place (accepted) in the draw of a regional qualifying event are not eligible for a refund of their entry fee. This applies regardless of the reason for withdrawal. Reserves who withdraw before being offered a place will not be charged their entry fee but those who are offered a place and then withdraw or no show will be charged.

Due to the large number of entries, some competitors are initially placed on a reserves list. There are always a number of withdrawals at each qualifying event and it is expected that many reserves will eventually be accepted to the regional qualifying draw.

Please note that the limit at each venue is the total number of players, not the specific size of each draw. Therefore, if, for example, there are no women’s reserves at a particular event, then a woman withdrawing enables the men’s draw size to be increased by one. It is, therefore, extremely important to withdraw prior to the creation of the draw (Thursday prior to the relevant qualifying event) if you are unable to play. On average, 8+ players per venue will withdraw, most during the week leading up to each event so reserves can be called up at short notice. It is the responsibility of any player initially listed as a reserve to keep checking the Tennis pages of the BUCS website to see if they have been moved into the draw as a result of a withdrawal. The acceptance lists will be updated on a daily basis at a minimum.

Fines for Withdrawals (Men's & Women's Qualifying & Main Draw Events)

Withdrawal after 5pm on Friday the week prior to applicable qualifying event: £25

e.g. withdrawal 5pm Friday 15 March for the Main draw £25

  • Wednesday before qualifying/main draw event after 3pm£50
  • No shows on the day of the applicable qualifying/main draw event: £100

Please note that you will still be charged the entry free. If you are injured you will need to provide a medical note to avoid the withdrawal fine as per REG 7.9.3. Competitors are requested to view the withdrawal terms for this event on the event webpage.

Fines for Withdrawals (Wheelchair Finals)


  • Withdrawal after 5pm on Friday 15 March: £20
  • Withdrawal after 3pm on Thursday 21 March: £50
  • No shows on the day of the applicable event: £75
  • If you withdraw after the 12 March, but prior to the 15 March you will still be charged the entry fee

Competitors are requested to view the withdrawal terms for this event on the event webpage.

Event Disclaimer

The below disclaimer is applied to all BUCS Events. By participating in BUCS Events you agree to the below.

BUCS will make every reasonable effort to ensure its events are run in safe environments. It is the responsibility of all BUCS member institutions and their student-athletes to consider any known medical conditions before entering or competing in a BUCS event.

If you know or are aware of a medical condition that might interfere with you exercising or participating safely, please consult a medical professional before participating.

It is in the interests of all event competitors to inspect the conditions of the competition area and it is entirely your decision to take part.

Please ensure you are fully conversant with the rules of the event. By entering the competition, this acts as the agreement that neither the organisers nor their agents, officials, volunteers, landowners, sponsors or fellow competitors shall be liable in any way or in any circumstances for any damage or injury suffered by the individual in connection with this event.

All participants assume full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses and damages that are incurred while participating in BUCS events.

By participating in the BUCS event, you agree:

  • to abide by the rules of the competition and any additional event instructions;
  • that you are participating entirely at your own risk; that you will participate in a manner that is safe;
  • that any personal event equipment you use will be in good working order and properly maintained;
  • to abide by the rules of the site; to accept that you will be liable for any damage caused (knowingly or otherwise);
  • to behave in a manner that befits a national sporting event, and any misbehaviour may result in disciplinary action.

As part of the entry process, we collect mobile phone numbers to use in case of last-minute event changes/cancellations and to pass out key information. 

During the event various filming, photography and broadcasting may take place. By your presence at this event you grant your permission for your likeness and voice to be included in pictures and / or on film, and their advertising without compensation or credit.