There's no I in team but there is in Swimming.

UPDATE 25/03/24 - This event is now a one day event, being ran on Saturday 20 April.


Ponds Forge International Sports Centre

Sheaf Street


S1 2BP

Accepted Entries

The accepted entries can be found here


The schedule and heat/lane allocations can be found here

Format Update

The Swimming Team Championships will be a one-day event.


The fastest 10 first teams from qualification heats, based on points and positions, will qualify for the Championship. Therefore, should an institution have multiple teams within the fastest 10 positions after the qualifying heats, their first team will be allocated to the Championship and remaining teams to the Trophy & Shield.  

The Trophy and Shield finals will consist of 10 teams each based on the team qualifying positions.  


Results for finals will also be calculated using the points and positions. 

Events and Restrictions

The order of events for each competition shall consist of the following events for open/male and females, with each competitor restricted to a maximum of three individual events per gala.

4 x 50m Medley Relay 
4x1 length Individual Medley 
100m Freestyle 
100m Butterfly 
100m Backstroke 
100m Breaststroke 
200m Freestyle 
50m Butterfly 
50m Backstroke 
50m Breaststroke 
50m Freestyle 
4 x 50m Freestyle Relay


If an institution needs to withdraw any teams originally entered, you must notify Joe Gallimore by Friday 12 April 23:59 at the latest.

SWI 9.1 Teams withdrawing two weeks or less before the Championships will be fined £300.

SWI 9.2 Any team who does not attend the Championships without prior notice will be fined £500.

SWI 9.3 No-shows or unauthorised withdrawals for the finals on day two, will be fined £750.

Team Sheets and Squad Declarations

Any swimmers not applied for the team by Thursday 18 April will not be allowed to participate in the BUCS Swimming Team Championships 2024. No late additions or substitutions will be allowed. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you submit a maximum number of swimmers, including reserves, to allow for injuries etc.

Please note: Each individual swimmer must join their team on BUCS Play by Thursday 18 April. Information on how to do this can be found here.

Teams will declare which members of their team are competing in each event on the day using a team sheet. A team sheet must be submitted for the qualifying heats and for finals for those who qualify.

You can access a team sheet for the qualifiers here.

You can access a team sheet for the finals here.

Team sheets can also be collected and completed at registration.


All participating teams MUST provide a timekeeper equipped with a stopwatch for BOTH their Qualifying Round and Finals (if they have qualified). Points may be deducted from any teams failing to comply. 

Timekeepers should then be declared on the team sheet at the event and must attend the timekeepers briefing. Timekeepers cannot be competing as part of the team.  

Specific Requirements

If you have any para-swimmers participating in your team who require specific requirements for competing, e.g. Strobe lights, use of ‘tappers’ etc. please advise the event lead of this in advance of the event. Any para-swimmers requiring the use of tapping devices, blackened goggles or starting devices MUST have these signed off by the head official before competition commences.  


Parking is available on site although it is limited, we recommend using the Q-Park across the road

Rules and Regulations

Please see the rules & regulations for this event here.

BUCS Points

Please see Appendix 1 for the BUCS Points available at this event.