Event Guide

Live streaming

All of the weekend’s swimming action will be broadcast live on the BUCS website.

Entry Checks

Please click here to see the provisional entry list for checking. A list of entry times thought most likely to be incorrect can be found here but this is not exhaustive – BUCS reserves the right to amend these times if corrections are not provided prior to the event.

Rejected entries can be found here.

A provisional start list for the 800m and 1500m can be found here. As stated in the Entry Information, the 1500m and 800m Freestyle will consist of the top 20 fastest times. Withdrawals follow the procedure laid out below, and the final start list will be published after the final withdrawal deadline of midday Wednesday 16 February.

ALL entries must be checked for the following:

  • Spelling of first name and last name
  • Entry time
  • Swim England membership number
  • Para swimming classification

Any amendments to any of the above must be detailed in an amendments/correction form, and submitted via the Athletic Union to Olivia Hellas with the subject title Amendment-Your University. Amendments will be charged a £10 admin fee. Changes to entries will not be accepted in any other format other than this form.

Any requests for changes made at the event will not be possible..

Please note: In order for results to be accepted on Swim England rankings all information must represent exactly the competitor’s details as registered with Swim England. No changes to data can be changed after the event


Please note you will only be able to request substitute swimmers for other swimmers after the closing date if they are a named swimmer on your accepted entries and it does not put them over their three individual events limit. Substitutions are only accepted up until Friday 11 February 2022, after which only medical substitutions are permitted if accompanied by a doctor’s letter. No new entries are allowed.

You must withdraw any swimmers entered who are not participating. This can be done prior to the event – see withdrawals information below.

Entry Times

Please note the following entry times that swimmers were required to have achieved for specific event. Entries outside of these times were automatically rejected at the time of entries closing.

Women’s 1500m Freestyle – 19Min 30Sec 00Ms

Men’s 1500m Freestyle – 18Min 20Sec 00Ms

Women’s 800m Freestyle – 10Min 45Sec 00Ms

Men’s 800m Freestyle – 09Min 45Sec 00Ms

Women’s 400m Freestyle – 05Min 15Sec 00Ms

Men’s 400m Freestyle – 04Min 45Sec 00Ms

Please note your entry time submitted for events with a qualification standard must have been achieved in a competitive environment in the 36 months prior to the competition and may be verified against British Swimming/WPS rankings. You may also be asked to verify your time on request if finishing outside of these entry times. If this cannot be proven then these individuals may face a fine or disciplinary action.

Registration and Technical Briefing

Each institution must collect a ‘Team Pack’ from the BUCS Help Desk by 4:15pm on Friday 18 February.

A representative from each institution must attend the Technical Briefing at 4:15pm on Friday 18 February in the Diving Officials Room. This representative must ensure they have collected their ‘Team Pack’ prior to the briefing, which includes copies of the Programme, Relay Declaration Forms (where applicable), Heats Withdrawal Forms and Amendments to Entry Time Form.



Once a swimmer is entered via BUCS Play and is accepted by the Institution Administrator, it is assumed they are swimming unless a team representative officially withdraws them.

You must withdraw any swimmers not participating ASAP. To officially withdraw swimmers prior to the event a withdrawal form must be completed by the Institution Administrator and emailed to Olivia Hellas by midday on Wednesday 16th February. Withdrawals after this time can only be made on Friday 18 February from 3pm outside the Omega Suite at Ponds Forge by a team representative. Please refer to the schedule for detailed withdrawal deadlines over the weekend. A copy of a Withdrawal Form can be downloaded from the BUCS website Long Course event page.

In the event of a team being delayed due to traffic or similar, please ring the Event Lead Olivia Hellas to withdraw swimmers on 07590722061


Withdrawal forms for finals must be submitted within 30 minutes after the published results from the relevant event.


Competitors failing to withdraw officially from an event will be liable to a fine, listed below.

If the following offences are committed institutions will be liable to the following fines:


Payment at Event

Late Payment

No Show – Heat



No Show - Final



Late Withdrawal – Heat



Late Withdrawal – Final



Inappropriate Behaviour



Failure to Finish Inside the QT*




*This may be increased at the discretion of the Meet Director depending on the severity of the offence and whether proof of achieving the qualifying time in the previous 36 months can be supplied.

Relay Declaration

Those students listed as your relay team(s) on BUCS Play at the point of entry are not your declared team. Your actual team MUST be declared at the event. If you wish to use other swimmers at the Championships they MUST have been entered in another event in the competition on BUCS Play and accepted into the Championships.

Institutions will be provided the relevant number and types of relay declaration forms for the teams they have entered in the Championships. Once completed, relay declaration forms must be handed in to the staff on the BUCS Help Desk in the Omega Suite and the staff member who receives the form will sign, date, tear-off and return to the team representative a receipt slip of their submission.

Heat Declarations – Relay declaration forms for heats are required to be submitted at least ONE hour before the beginning of the respective heat session. These declarations will then be carried forward for the finals if a team progresses.

Final Declarations – If for any reason you wish to change your declaration having progressed to either the A or B finals you must go to the BUCS Help Desk and request and submit a new declaration form at least TWO hours before the beginning of the respective finals session. If a new form is not submitted on time for the finals then the same team and order as the heats must be maintained.

Teams failing to correctly submit a form will not be permitted to participate and teams failing to submit a form detailing the correct order of swimmers will be disqualified from the event.

Warm Ups

Warm up time is allocated prior to each session. Please refer to the programme for times for male and female warm ups. A dedicated lane will be allocated in the diving pit for para swimmers.

Reporting for Finals

All finalists (including reserves) are expected to either report for their finals or withdraw from the event if they do not wish to participate.

Reserve finalists: Only 2 reserves per final will be called up should there be withdrawals. Where any reserves are called up a reasonable effort will be made to announce this and notify the swimmer(s), but swimmers are encouraged to check at the BUCS Help Desk. All reserve finalists should report to the Finals Marshal at the end of the final session warm up who will advise if they are required to swim or stand them down.

Final fines: If there is an empty lane due to the no-show of a finalist who has not withdrawn then the non-showing finalist will be fined. If a reserve fails to report and has not withdrawn and is required to swim (resulting in an empty lane) then the reserve swimmer will be fined.

Swimming Event Points (not BUCS points)

​​​​​In each event, only the fastest individual from each institution will score points, i.e. where there is more than one finalist from the same institution only the highest ranking will score points, the subsequent point scoring will then be determined by the rankings in the heats. Individual events will be scored by 1st place being awarded 10 points, 2nd place 9 points, continuing with a decreasing points scale for subsequent ranked placings in the order of 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 point(s). Relay teams will score double points and only the team in the A finals shall score points.

There will be a separate table for Para Points calculated on the same basis as above to rank the best Para Institutions.

Para-Swimming Entrants

Recognised events for para-swimmers are as follows (in line with events currently being swam in Great Britain for para-swimmers)



Eligible Classifications

50m Freestyle


100m Freestyle


200m Freestyle

S1-5 & S14

400m Freestyle


50m Backstroke


100m Backstroke


50m Breaststroke


100m Breaststroke


50m Butterfly


100m Butterfly


200m Individual Medley



S15 swimmers are eligible to compete in all events.

Scoring for Para Swimmers

Swimmers in each recognised event listed above shall have their results ranked based on a multi-classification basis under British Para-swimming Points. The following rules shall apply:

  1. There needs to be two or more eligible swimmers that participate in a specific discipline to constitute a race and for BUCS medals and points to be awarded. The two or more swimmers participating do NOT need to be of the same classification.
  2. To be eligible you need to have confirmed classification for para-swimmers and be a in a recognised event (as listed above)
  3. To win a BUCS medal or BUCS points, or score swimming event points for your team you must have beaten a swimmer who also has an eligible classification for that recognised event. For example, if only an S4 and an S7 enter the 50m Backstroke, no BUCS points or medals can be awarded.  If an S4, an S8, an S9 and an S11 enter the 400m Freestyle, BUCS points and medals will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place only as the S4 is ineligible for that discipline. Swimming event points will be awarded regardless of whether a non-disabled athlete from the same institution scores points in the equivalent event. However, in each event, only the fastest para-swimmer from each institution can score swimming event points.

BUCS will require proof of classification status from the individual. Swimmers MUST bring evidence with them to the Championships and present it to the Lead Referee if requested. Swimmers can download and print the required information from the:

Swim England/Swim Wales Membership Check

Scottish Swimming (SASA) Membership Check

World Para Swimming Classification Master List

This event is World Para Swimming approved. However, in line with World Para Swimming Rules and Regulations (Regulation 5.1.2) any World Record swims will not be recognised at Speedo and BUCS Long Course Swimming Championships.

Specific Requirements

If you have any specific requirements for competing, e.g. Strobe lights, tappers, please advise Olivia Hellas of this in advance of the event.

Results, Record Attempts & Awards


Live results will be available from the BUCS Nationals, Swimming Event Page, of the BUCS website over the weekend. Full results will be published after the event.


The organisers would appreciate any record attempts being brought to their attention prior to the start of the relevant session. As already outlined above, and within the Entry Information, para-swimming world records will not be recognised, in line with World Para-Swimming Regulation 5.1.2.


BUCS medals will be awarded to the first 3 individuals/teams in each event. Trophies will be awarded to the Top Overall Institution (calculated using Swimming event points), Top Men’s and Women’s Teams (calculated using Swimming events points), the Top Male and Female Performance (calculated using FINA points) and the Top Male and Female para-swimming performances (calculated using British Para-Swimming Points).


BUCS medals will be awarded to the first 3 individuals/teams in each event.

Trophies will be awarded to:

  • The Top Overall Institution (calculated using Swimming event points)
  • The Top Men’s and Women’s Teams (calculated using Swimming events points)
  • The Top Male and Female Performance (calculated using FINA points)
  • The Top Male and Female para-swimming performances (calculated using British Para-Swimming Points).

Travel and Delays

Due to heavy weekend traffic and the number of students travelling into Sheffield for BUCS Nationals weekend please ensure your team leave plenty of time for travel delays.

If you are delayed please contact us to arrange any relay declaration and/or withdrawals by phoning Olivia Hellas on 07590722061


Please note that should your team have any difficulties the BUCS Event Team are available on mobile from Friday 18 February to accept any withdrawals and relay declarations from 3-5pm.


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