The Dome Series returns as a new format - the Indoor Championships!

Event guide

Dates and Venue


Friday 2nd – Saturday 3rd February 2024


Snozone Milton Keynes


Xscape, 602 Marlborough Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 3XS

Accepted Entries

All accepted entries are outlined in the accepted entries tab on the website.


Registration will take place at the BUCS Office in Snozone Milton Keynes, where you will be signed into the event.

Registration will be open from 08:00 to 08:45. Only captains will need to attend registration, where they can register the whole team.

Please ensure all competitors bring a valid form of student ID with them.  

Captains' Meeting

This will take place outside the BUCS office at 08:45.

All captains must attend.

A fine of £20 will be payable for non-attendance.


Friday 2nd February

08:00-08:45: Registration
08:45: Captains Meeting
09:00: Ski Race Inspection 
09:30: Ski Race Start 
10:30: Freestyle Briefing
11:00: Freestyle Start (Open Practice Session)
13:00: Race Course Reset
13:30: Snowboard Race Inspection
14:00: Snowboard Race Start
13:00: Freestyle Ski
15:00: Freestyle Snowboard
15:30: Race Course Reset
16:00: Snowboard Duals 
17:00: Ski Duals
19:00: Course Close

Saturday 3rd February

08:00-09:00: Registration
09:00: Ski Race Inspection 
09:30: Ski Race Finals Start 
10:00: Freestyle Briefing
10:30: Freestyle Start (Open Practice Session)
12:30: Freestyle Ski Finals
13:00: Race Course Reset
13:30: Snowboard Race Inspection
14:00: Snowboard Race Finals Start
14:30: Freestyle Snowboard Finals
15:30: Race Course Reset
16:00: Snowboard Duals Finals
17:00: Ski Duals Finals
18:30: Prize Giving
19:00: Event End

Times and running are subject to change.
If a competition finishes early we will go straight into the next one, so make sure to arrive in plenty of time. 

Discipline Specifics


The ski and snowboard racing events will consist of a Slalom. Women run first followed by the men.


Snowboard dual slalom teams will consist of 4 riders. These races will run straight after the ski race. The draw is done randomly, and they are straight knock outs. There will be a best of three-run final on Saturday.

Ski dual slalom races will be the last competition of the alpine disciplines. The teams will consist of 5 athletes of both genders. The draw is random, where there are universities that can field more than one team we will endeavour to draw second teams amongst themselves first. It is a straight knock out with a three-run final on Saturday.


The Ski and Snowboard Freestyle competition will take place on a Slopestyle course containing both rail and jump features. A jam session qualifier to showcase ability and trick variety will determine the finalists for each gender and discipline. The finalists will then compete in a 3 run, best run counts, final.

Please note these formats are subject to change based on time and injuries.

Progression to Finals


60% of each field in each discipline will progress to the Finals on Saturday. The number of qualifiers are therefore as follows:

Men’s Ski Race – 60 (from 101 entrants)

Women’s Ski Race – 45 (from 75 entrants)

Men’s Snowboard Race – 13 (from 22 entrants)

Women’s Snowboard Race – 11 (from 18 entrants)


The duals will be run as a straight knockout draw, and the aim is to complete both draws up to a certain stage in each discipline on Friday.

In the snowboard duals, we will complete the first round of match ups on Friday, so we are up to the semi final stage (last 4 teams from 8 entrants).

In the ski duals, the aim will be to complete the draw up until the quarter final stage (last 8 teams from 31 entrants) on Friday.

The rest of both duals’ disciplines will then be completed on Saturday, culminating in a 3-run final to decide the winning team.


There will be an open practice session on Friday morning, where all competitors can do as many runs as they like. There will then be a qualifier in which competitors will be judged, and the following numbers progressed through to the Saturday:

Men’s Ski Freestyle – 16 (from 53 entrants)

Women’s Ski Freestyle – 8 (from 15 entrants)

Men’s Snowboard Freestyle – 16 (from 19 entrants)

Women’s Snowboard Freestyle – 8 (from 11 entrants)

On Saturday morning there will be another open practice session, in which all competitors can participate (even those who have not qualified).

The semi-finals will then take place, containing the number of competitors detailed above. The top 4 competitors in each semi final will then progress through to the final.


At the end of the event, there will be a prize giving session.

The prize giving is scheduled for 18:30 on Saturday.  


The public car parks at the front and side of the Xscape building can be used for any competitors arriving via car. Varying fees apply for the different zones. The Ring-go app can also be used to pay for parking. Please see the ticket machines for exact fees. All vehicles are left at the owner’s risk.

There are also various housing estates in the surrounding area containing free parking, where vehicles can be left. Please remember all vehicles are left at the owner’s risk.  

Food and Drink

There is an on-site café in Snozone which can be used for buying food and drink.

There is also a wide range of shops and restaurants in the Xscape building, where food and drink can be purchased.

Please note food and drink purchased from external outlets cannot be brought back into Snozone, and no food or drink can be taken onto the slope.

Alcohol is prohibited on the premises at all times. Anyone found to be consuming alcohol, or under the influence, will be disqualified and removed from the venue.

Clothing and Equipment

Please ensure that all competitors are wearing appropriate clothing for their event. This includes wearing a helmet at all times whilst competing. Please note, catsuits are not permitted at this event.

Competitors must return bibs to the event office at the end of the event. Any bib not returned will result in a £50 fine.  

Any equipment hired from the centre must be signed out and back in. Any equipment not signed back in will result in a fine of up to £100. Equipment will be available to hire on a first come first served basis.


BUCS reserves the right to prohibit photography equipment being used at a BUCS event. BUCS reserves the right to request that the individual ceases to take photographs, deletes any images and, if considered necessary, leaves the venue.


There are no substitutions allowed. This is with the exception of duals which is down to the organiser's discretion. Anyone substituting into duals must be appearing elsewhere in the competition. 


All questions should be communicated by an institution’s athletic union or students’ union staff member to:

Harry Spinks
BUCS Event Coordinator