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Registration: 10:00-10:45 

Upon arrival, you will be required to check in with a member of staff and present both your completed team sheet and valid student IDs for each player.  

A team sheet template can be accessed here. 

A competition briefing will be given at 10:45 to all teams, prior to the start of the competition. 

Player Eligibility

All players must have joined their respective team on BUCS Play prior to the event. Only students who are listed as part of the team on BUCS Play will be permitted to be listed on the paper team sheet. Players must bring their valid student IDs to the registration desk as proof of their student status. 

Teams will NOT be able to field squad members who have established normality for a Premier Tier (North or South) team within the 2023-24 league season. Please see REG 11.1.3 for information about player normality.  

If an institution is found to have fielded an ineligible player, they will forfeit any BUCS points gained from the Competition. 

Medical Provision

It is mandatory for each team to bring at least 1 qualified first aider with them to the event – this must not be a player named on the squad list. Teams are also encouraged to bring their own physiotherapist with them for pitch-side provision throughout the competition, but this is not a requirement. Central medical provision will be available. 


Please note that the schedule detailed below is subject to change: 


10:00 – 10:45 


10:45 – 11:00 

First Game 


Pool Games 

11:00 – 13:15 

Placing Games 

13:45 – 14:30 







Venue Facilities

Coaches will be unable to park on-site, and so will be required to operate a drop off/pick up service only for teams. Competitors driving their own cars will be able to park in the on-site car park (charges may apply). 

Whilst changing room facilities will be provided, competitors will be required to keep all belongings with them for the duration of the day. There is no provision for leaving belongings inside the changing rooms during the competition.  

Food and Drink

All competitors will be required to bring food and drink with them for the duration of the day. Water bottles can be refilled on-site. We cannot confirm that the on-site café will be open during the competition. 


The sustainability of our event matters to us, and we are taking steps to manage our environmental impact.  

This is what BUCS and the RFL are doing: 

  • Volunteers and match officials have been sourced from the local area as much as possible, 

  • Staff and volunteers will travel by public transport and car shares where possible, 

  • Refillable water bottles will be used. 

 How can you help at the Rugby League 9’s event? 

  • Bring a water bottle to refill over the day, 

  • Make sure you recycle your rubbish where possible in the bins provided, 

  • Can you travel to the event on public transport or car share? 

Placing Games and Finals

Following the conclusion of the initial pool fixtures, the top ranking 8 teams will progress to Round 2 of the competition. Teams that do not progress to Round 2 are welcome to leave at this point.  

The format of this event will see multiple pools running concurrently. If there is a need to establish the next best performing team across these multiple pools, teams will be separated using the following process:   

If pools are all the same size, then REG will be followed, with the list below detailing the sport specific factors used to differentiate between teams.  

  1. Points difference (points for minus points against). 

  1. Trys scored. 

  1. Trys conceded. 

  1. Coin Toss.

If pools differ in sizes, REG shall be used. If we are unable to separate teams using this measure, we shall use the following sport specific factors to differentiate between teams: 

  1.  Trys scored. 

  1. Trys conceded. 

  1. Coin Toss. 


Presentations for the competition will be conducted on-site following the completion of all fixtures. 

Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations can be found below:

All matches in the Tournament will be played to the Laws of the Game of Rugby League as current at the time of the Tournament EXCEPT THAT:  

  1. Squad. Each team shall be permitted a maximum of 15 players. The game shall be played by two teams each consisting of not more than 9 players on the field at any time. Unlimited substitutions shall be allowed. In order to make a substitution the player leaving the field of play must touch hands with his replacement. Such contact to be made on the touchline or outside the field of play.  
  2. Game Format. Each match will be 11 minutes and will be played straight through. There will be no half time. Each game will commence with a kick from hands travelling at least 10 meters forward and landing within the field of the play. The referee will oversee timekeeping. There will be a maximum of 20 seconds allowed for every restart of play.  
  3. Infringements. There will be no scrums. Where a team infringes and a scrum would normally be formed, play is restarted with a handover at the point of infringement. Where the ball has gone in touch, play will be restarted at a point 20 metres in from touch opposite where the ball entered touch. All restarts from infringements will restart with a ‘tap’, the only time play will be restarted with a play the ball will be 6th tackle handover. 
  4. Powerplay.  After scoring a try the scoring team can opt to go for a “powerplay”. This is one play in an attempt to score an additional try. The “powerplay” begins with a play the ball ten metres in the field of play in line with where the try was scored. The ball can be kicked during a “powerplay”. The “powerplay” is over as soon as the team loses possession or infringe. If the “powerplay” team is awarded a penalty during the “powerplay” then play will be restarted with a “tap” and the “powerplay” will continue. The referee will signal the “powerplay” by circling his right hand over his head. Play will stop, both sides get set and then the referee blows the whistle to start the ‘’powerplay’’. If a team is successful in its “powerplay” then play will be restarted by the non-scoring team with a “tap” on the half way line. Alternatively, teams can opt to convert the try by way of a drop goal. Regardless of whether the drop goal conversion attempt is successful play will always be restarted by the non-scoring team with be a “tap” on half way line.         
  5. Points. A try is worth 4 points, a try scored from a powerplay is worth 3 points, a conversion (conversions can only be taken by a drop kick) is worth 2points and a drop goal is worth 1 point. (Note: a penalty kick at goal cannot be taken) 
  6. Penalties. When a team is awarded a penalty then play must proceed where the infringement took and no kick for touch or goal is permitted. 
  7. Discipline. In the event of misconduct by a player the referee shall, at his discretion, caution, temporarily suspend [sin bin] for 2 minutes or dismiss the offender. 

Please see Appendix 1 for the BUCS points available at this event 

Venue Map

Below is a visual of the venue with the pitches marked out. We will be using Pitch 1 and 2 for all fixtures. Across the road, there is a warm-up area and Pitch 3, both of which can be used by teams throughout the day as needed. There will be no medical provision by the warm-up area and Pitch 3.