To start the Rugby League season, Rugby League 9s returns. So, grab your team and start the campaign in style!

Entry Information

Entry Dates & Costs


Tuesday 22 August 2023 


Tuesday 26 September 2023 at 23:59 – Student / Competitor Deadline 

(Students / Competitors must apply by this deadline) 

Thursday 28 September 2023 at 23:59 – Institution Administrator Deadline 

(Institutional Administrators are given 48 hours after the student / competitor deadline to approve entries) 



£100 per team 


This competition will NOT operate a staged entry process. As such, please ensure all entries are submitted through BUCS Play prior to the closing date listed above. 

Events & Associated BUCS Points

Please see Appendix 1 for a breakdown of the BUCS points available at this event.

Entry Allowance

The Championship Competition is open to teams playing in the Premier North & South BUCS Rugby League leagues for the 2023-24 season. These Universities will not be able to enter their 2nd teams into this tournament. 

Each team can have a maximum of 15 players in a squad and a minimum of 9 players in the squad. 

Entry Process


To apply for this competition: 

  1. Entries will need to be submitted via the team entries section of our online entry system, BUCS Play (Instructions on how to do this can be found here
  1. Please speak to your Institution Administrator as they will need to submit your entry. 
  1. A Team Captain must be selected as part of the team before entries close.  
  1. Competitors then need to apply for their respective team. (Instructions on how to do this can be found here

Any data will be handled in accordance with BUCS Privacy Policy 

By participating in this event you agree to adhere to BUCS General Event Disclaimer 

To check whether you are eligible to compete in BUCS competitions, please visit REG 4 Individual Eligibility


Withdrawals after the closing date will incur a £50 fine.

No shows will also incur a £50 fine.

Any withdrawals should be made via your institution administrator who will inform the event lead.


Rules and Regulations

All matches in the Tournament will be played to the Laws of the Game of Rugby League as current at the time of the Tournament EXCEPT THAT:

  1. Squad. Each team shall be permitted a maximum of 15 players. The game shall be played by two teams each consisting of not more than 9 players on the field at any time. Unlimited substitutions shall be allowed. In order to make a substitution the player leaving the field of play must touch hands with his replacement. Such contact to be made on the touchline or outside the field of play.
  2. Game Format. Each match will be 10 minutes and will be played straight through. There will be no half time. Each game will commence with a kick from hands travelling at least 10 meters forward and landing within the field of the play. The referee will oversee timekeeping. There will be a maximum of 20 seconds allowed for every restart of play.
  3. Infringements. There will be no scrums. Where a team infringes and a scrum would normally be formed, play is restarted with a handover at the point of infringement. Where the ball has gone in touch, play will be restarted at a point 20 metres in from touch opposite where the ball entered touch. All restarts from infringements will restart with a ‘tap’, the only time play will be restarted with a play the ball will be 6th tackle handover.
  4. Powerplay.  After scoring a try the scoring team can opt to go for a “powerplay”. This is one play in an attempt to score an additional try. The “powerplay” begins with a play the ball ten metres in the field of play in line with where the try was scored. The ball can be kicked during a “powerplay”. The “powerplay” is over as soon as the team loses possession or infringe. If the “powerplay” team is awarded a penalty during the “powerplay” then play will be restarted with a “tap” and the “powerplay” will continue. The referee will signal the “powerplay” by circling his right hand over his head. Play will stop, both sides get set and then the referee blows the whistle to start the ‘’powerplay’’. If a team is successful in its “powerplay” then play will be restarted by the non-scoring team with a “tap” on the half way line. Alternatively, teams can opt to convert the try by way of a drop goal. Regardless of whether the drop goal conversion attempt is successful play will always be restarted by the non-scoring team with be a “tap” on half way line.
  5. Points. A try is worth 4 points, a try scored from a powerplay is worth 3 points, a conversion (conversions can only be taken by a drop kick) is worth 2points and a drop goal is worth 1 point. (Note: a penalty kick at goal cannot be taken)
  6. Penalties. When a team is awarded a penalty then play must proceed where the infringement took and no kick for touch or goal is permitted.
  7. Discipline. In the event of misconduct by a player the referee shall, at his discretion, caution, temporarily suspend [sin bin] for 2 minutes or dismiss the offender.


All questions should in the first instance should be directed to your Institution Administration.