BUCS is very pleased to confirm that the 2021 BUCS Regatta is rescheduled to Thursday 24 – Saturday 26 June at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham.

BUCS is planning to run the full three day Regatta but may need to review this based upon entries received. We look forward to seeing many of you on the water at the NWSC in June, and back on the water and supporting other competitions in the meantime.

Entry Information

Entry Dates & Costs

Entry opening date:
Tuesday 20 April 2021

Entry closing date:
Entries close on Tuesday 1 June 2021 at 23:59 for student/competitors

Institution Administrators have until Thursday 3 June 2021 at 23:59 to approve entries.

***BUCS is planning to run the full three day Regatta but may need to review this based upon entries received. We may open a stage 2 depending upon the result of this review.***

Entry costs
£17 per seat (excluding coxes)

Late entries
Late entires will not be accepted.

Entry Allowance

No entry into this competition is guaranteed.

Each institution may submit up to 10 non-guaranteed entries per category. Non-guaranteed entries will be accepted for each category following the entry closing date up to the safety limit of the event.

If entries exceed this number priority will be given to one entry per institution per category (prior to allowing a second entry).

Institutions are strongly encouraged to submit a list of up to 200 reserve competitors (100 men and 100 women) which may be used for substitutions in advance of the competition starting. Reserve competitors must be entered online via BUCS Play within the ‘Reserve list’ before the entry closing date. There is no cost for submitting competitors to the reserve list. 

Entry Process

To apply for this competition on BUCS Play:

1. Competitor to complete competition application on BUCS Play
2. Institution administrator approves entry*
3. BUCS approves/denies entry into competition and publishes a confirmed entry list.

Individual rowers will need to apply to participate in the boats and categories that they would like to compete in. Each competition listed below will be available to apply for as well as the reserve list.  

*Managing Entries for Events that have both Individual and Team Component

Individual Entries (100m, Individual Pursuit, 1x)

This would be the same as a normal individual event entry where an individual would apply and would need to be set as non-guaranteed to be entered into the event.

To learn how to manage individual entries, click here

Team Entries (Team Pursuit, Doubles, Relay Teams, 2 person or larger boats)

To select individuals to participate in a team, rank the members of each team with the same number and select them as non-guaranteed.

To learn how to manage team entries, click here

Eligible entries are administered by a competitor’s athletic union or students’ union through BUCS Play. It is the responsibility of the athletic union or students’ union to manage their entries.

Clubs should refer to their athletic union or student union for help / support in accessing and using BUCS Play or via BUCS App Support.

Competition Format

The competition will consist of the following categories for both men and women:

Beginner 1x           Intermediate 1x                             Championship 1x
Beginner 4x          Intermediate 2-                              Championship 2-
Beginner 4+         Intermediate 2x                             Championship 2x
Beginner 8+         Intermediate 4x                             Championship 4x
                                   Intermediate 4+                            Championship 4-
                                   Intermediate 8+                            Championship 4+
                                   Intermediate Lightweight 1x    Championship 8+
                                                                                               Championship Lightweight 1x
                                                                                               Championship Lightweight 2-
                                                                                               Championship Lightweight 2x
                                                                                               Championship Lightweight 4-
                                                                                               Championship Lightweight 4x
                                                                                               Championship Lightweight 8+

Beginner Events:
As per the updated BUCS Rowing Regulations (ROW 2.1) we will be offering Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 categories.

Withdrawals and substitions

Institutions can only make substitutions to their boats from competitors included on the reserve lists or in another crew. The reserve lists must be entered via BUCS Play before the entry closing date (Thursday 3 June 2021 at 23:59). 

100% substitutions of a crew are allowed. Substitutions will be made using an online system and University rowing club representatives will be invited to register for access once entries have closed.  

As per regulation 4.2, substitutions may be made up until the crew’s first race in the competition (i.e. before the time trial). Any crews not submitting amendments and found to have changed the crew in any way may be disqualified.

All withdrawals must be made in writing by an athletic union or students’ union and e-mailed to the BUCS Event Manager. Withdrawal of crews after the entry closing date (Thursday 3 June 2021) will still be charged the entry fee (Reg. 3.2.2). Withdrawals on the day of the competition must be done at Registration by the institution rowing club captain or coach. Institutions should advise BUCS in advance if they intend to withdraw. 

Crews who do not withdraw, and do not compete at the event, will be classified as a ‘no-show’ and charged the entry fee and an additional £30 fine payable by the athletic union or students’ union (Reg 4.4).

BUCS Points

There are no BUCS points available for this event in the 2020/21 season.

Covid-19 Measures

What are we doing to ensure your safety?

What’s new for 2020-21?

Like always, we are taking safety at our event seriously. After careful consideration during the off season regarding the current Covid-19 pandemic, the BUCS team have implemented the following measures to promote the health and wellbeing of competitors, officials, volunteers and staff.

We created these measures by:

  1. Seeking advice from local authorities and National Governing Bodies regarding the current Covid-19 restrictions and recommendations
  2. Collaboration with the host venues
  3. Following of Government and NHS advice
  4. Consultation with BUCS Chief Medical Officer

New Measures:

  1. Event Disclaimer updated to include specifics around Covid-19
  2. New event format to enforce all safety protocols such as social distancing
  3. Staff members and volunteers interacting with competitors will be wearing appropriate PPE/face coverings
  4. Covid-19 questionnaire completed before arriing at the event
  5. Access to hand-washing facilities, or hand sanitiser
  6. Increased signage on hand washing
  7. No handshakes, high-fives and spitting
  8. Extra cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces and facilities
  9. We will be operating on a restricted access policy and no spectators are permitted
  10. Competitors must depart promptly after competition finishes – no hanging around post event

What’s expected of competitors:

  1. Event competitors should stay home if they have any Covid-19 symptoms, live in the same household with someone with Covid-19 symptoms or have been diagnosed with, or suspected to have, Covid-19 in the past 14 days.
  2. Competitors must follow direction from BUCS staff
  3. Competitors must complete Covid-19 questionnaire before competing
  4. Competitors should always follow social distancing guidance
  5. Competitors should ensure they are following hand hygiene practices at all times
  6. Competitors should wear a face covering when indoors
  7. Competitors should not share equipment at this time unless permitted within NGB guidance
  8. Follow the guidance and safety procedures outlined for the event you are attending. These can be found in the Event Guide

Despite all these extra measures we have implemented, it is impossible to fully remove all risk. Please carefully consider your options and make sure you are completely comfortable with the risks involved, before attending this event.