BUCS Regatta returns to the National Water Sports Centre in April 2022

Event Guide

Key Points:

  • An online briefing for Club representatives will take place at 18:00 on Friday 29 April. Coaches/Club Representatives who have not attended BUCS Regatta previously are particularly encourage to attend. Join details below:
  • Join Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 824 6075 3627
    Passcode: 1h1FLc
  • There are no indoor spaces available for Club use and Clubs are encouraged to create their own rest space (see gazebo section below). Refreshments and toilets will be available within the NWSC building.

Draw Schemes

Draw Schemes can be found here.

Lightweight 8+

Following the removal of Championship Lightweight 8+ from the programme, there will be the opportunity for lightweight crews to weigh-in (following BUCS Regulation ROW 3) for the Intermediate 8+. Subject to there being more than one lightweight crew per gender, the fastest of each will be awarded a lightweight pennant. As an intermediate category, no BUCS points will be issued. No medals further to gold/silver/bronze for intermediate 8+ will be awarded.

All other events

Based on the number of entries received, where a minor final is expected to have fewer than 2 crews, it will not be scheduled, and the bottom placed crew from the time trial would be eliminated.



Please note that all substitutions must be made online.

Substitutions can be made using  https://crews.bucsrowing.org.uk/ up until before the crew boats for their race.

Crews and coaches are reminded that substitutes to a crew must be named before the crew races. In two British Rowing events in the past few months a number of crews (including division winners) have been disqualified for racing with substitutes not nominated before the race in accordance with the Rules of Racing of British Rowing.

The purpose of this rule is to ensure fair competition but also, and importantly, safety as, without recorded substitutions, the organisers of the event cannot know who is on the water in the event of an incident.

Under BUCS Rowing Rules disqualification of the whole crew is an available penalty for crews who have not submitted substitutions prior to racing.


Please note that all scratches / withdrawals must now be made online by the institution rowing club captain or coach. Crews who do not withdraw, and do not compete at the event, will be classified as a ‘no-show’ and charged the entry fee and an additional £20 fine payable by the athletic union or students’ union as detailed in BUCS Withdrawal Policy.

If a crew wishes to withdraw on the day, they should scratch using the system a minimum of 30 minutes before the published start time of their time trial. Failure to do so may result in the boat being classed as a ‘no-show’ and the additional fine being imposed, as detailed above.

Competitors should also inform their institution they have withdrawn from the competition.

Boat Numbers

1. Time Trial Numbers:

A pack containing time trial paper race numbers will be available for collection from outside the Regatta Marshal’s Hut from 07:00 each morning.

Paper numbers are to be worn on the bow crew member’s back (and cox for stern coxed boats). These should be firmly attached to racing kit and visible. Long hair should be tied up so the number is not obscured.

Empacher boat numbers will also be issued. Please ensure these numbers are returned to the Regatta Marshal’s hut immediately after the time trial.

2. Regatta Numbers:

Race numbers for semi-finals/repechages and finals can be collected from outside the Regatta Marshal's Hut no earlier than 40 minutes before published race start times.

Please ensure numbers are returned to the Regatta Marshal's Hut after the crew races. There will be buckets to place the numbers into.

Boats are required to have suitable fittings to display bow numbers so they can be clearly visible to race officials. Failure to suitably display your number may result in no time being taken.

Rules & Regulations

All BUCS Rowing competitions are governed in accordance with the National Governing Body rules and regulations, unless superseded by a BUCS rule or regulation. The BUCS Rowing rules and regulations should be read in conjunction with the entry and pre-event information.

The latest version of the British Rowing Rules of Racing can be seen here.

The BUCS Regatta Race Committee has the final decision in all sporting competition matters.



  • Weigh in for lightweights will take place at the bottom of the NWSC finish tower each morning.
  • Lightweight weigh in will be from two hours before the beginning of the racing day (i.e. 06:00) up to one hour prior to the published start time of each division (ROW 3.3). If racing in more than on lightweight event the competitor need only weigh in once (ROW 3.4).
  • Regatta weight: Men 72.5kg, Women 59.0kg (ROW 3.2).
  • Lightweight crews are not averaged. Competitors need to weigh in all together.
  • All lightweight competitors must produce photo identification at weigh in.


  • Coxes are not required to weigh in for time trials, but must do so ahead of side by side racing.
  • Weigh in for coxes will take place in the Regatta Marshall's Hut near to the boat racking area at the western end of the lake. 
  • Coxes who make weight will be given a wristband to apply to themselves(a different colour each day). Coxes who are required to carry a deadweight will not be given a wristband and will be required to supply their own sealed deadweight.
  • Coxes weights: Men's crews: 55.0kg, Women's crews: 50.0kg (ROW 3.1).


Crews must ensure they boat leaving sufficient time in order to get to the start area with a minimum of 5 minutes before their race. Crews should be attached to the start by 2 minutes before the published start time of their race. 

Crews will be tracked by marshals along the course. 

Crews must ensure their boat complies with the British Rowing Rowsafe guidance. Inspection may take place before permission to boat is given. All coxes must wear a suitable life jacket or buoyancy aid. 


As in previous years, we are looking for volunteers for stakeboat and intermediate duties and we need all clubs to step up to support these areas. 

This is an excellent opportunity for students to see 'behind the scenes' of a major sporting event and gain valuable volunteering experience.

Use the form here to volunteer.


Safety guidelines are included within the marshalling instructions for crews and coaches.

Coxes and crews must be knowledgeable of boating instructions, the course, their crew's ability, weather conditions and safety procedures. It is recommended that beginner coxes do not cox beginner crews.

BUCS and the Race Committee reserves the right to cancel the event if they consider it too dangerous to proceed.

Boat Racking

Boat racks will be available on a first come, first served basis. BUCS cannot prioritise spaces within the boat racking area. All boat racks will need to be vacated by Monday 2nd May at 21:00.

Trailer Parking

There are parking areas specifically designated for boat trailers situated at NWSC. institutions are asked to only park in these designated areas as directed by venue staff to avoid causing congestion and hazards to other motorists and pedestrians. Trailer parking is available on a first come first served basis and is open from 08:00 on Friday 29th April.

Once trailer parking areas are full they will be closed, and any further trailers will be directed to the next available parking area.

Car & Trailer Parking Map

Car Parking

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is in place on the car parks at the National Watersports Centre. The NWSC levies a charge of £5 per vehicle per day. Event parking can be purchased in advance via the NWSC website, or follow instructions on the signs around the parking area. The NWSC indicates that a fixed penalty notice will be issued in the post by a third party if no payment is allocated next to a registration number.
  • Competitor and supporters should follow the directions of marshals on the day.
  • Vehicles towing trailers will be exempt from the charge. 
  • Local traffic wardens patrol the area and are strict on unlawful parking. Motorists are advised to only park in designated areas. At all times motorists should observe the Highway Code and not obstruct access in case of an emergency. BUCS is not responsible for parking at the venue.

Drone Policy

The use of drones at BUCS events is strictly prohibited. The only permissible use of drones will be with the permission of BUCS for professional companies with appropriate licenses, insurance, risk assessments and in line with all the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). 

The unauthorised use of drones will result in disciplinary action under BUCS Regulation 5 Misconduct and Bringing BUCS into Disrepute, and the relevant authorities being notified e.g. CAA.

Food & Drink

Competitors are responsible for providing their own food and drink. Food stalls will be located at the venue on both sides selling hot and cold food and drink. Competitors are recommended to bring plenty of drinking water with them as availability on site is limited.

All competitors and spectators have a responsibility to keep the venues and surrounding areas clean and tidy, and to use the bins provided. Institutions may be held responsible for any littering.


This BUCS event will follow the British Rowing Adults at Risk policy for safeguarding concerns. A welfare officer will be on duty throughout all days of racing and reachable via Race Control.

The Organising Committee believe the welfare of all competitors, officials and spectators is paramount. All attending the event, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, religion or ability, have equal rights to safety and protection. All suspicions, concerns and allegations of harm will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and in an appropriate manner.

For welfare and safeguarding concerns please contact the Event Welfare Officer on 07856 908539.


No training on the lake is permitted on race days before or after racing. Practice is permitted on the Friday before the regatta by arrangement with the National Water Sports Centre who have responsibility for the use of the lake on this day.


Clubs are encouraged to create their “own space” by providing their own gazebo/marquee for shelter during the Regatta.

Marquee / Tent locations are on a first come first serve basis. For guidance on location of tents please see the site map.

Regatta Site Map


We welcome friends and family members to come and spectate. Refreshments and toilet facilities are accessible for spectators and competitors alike.

Supporters are also encouraged to enjoy the event via our livestream on BUCS Facebook and/or YouTube channels.


The 2022 EUSA Rowing Championships will take place 5-10 September in Istanbul, Turkey. https://rowing2022.eusa.eu/competition)

Events offered are below:

Men: LM1x, M1x, LM2x, M2x, LM2-, M2- LM4-, M4-, LMx, M4x, M8+

Women: LW1x, W1x, W2-, LW2x, W2x, W4-, W4x, LW4x, W8

Crews finishing in the top 4 of the relevant Championship category at the BUCS Regatta will qualify to attend. Where there is not a Championship category (i.e. Lightweight 2- and 4x), crews in the Intermediate Lightweight category will qualify

Qualifying crews are required to confirm by email to James Lee that they wish to attend, by the end of 2 May 2022. They must copy their University IA into correspondence.

On 3 May, BUCS will send a confirmation email and an invoice for a non-refundable deposit (200 EUR + 4% admin fee) to crews who have confirmed their wish to attend. Payment must be made by 6 May 2022 in order that BUCS can submit the general entry on behalf of the University. 

General Covid Arrangements

Covid-19 Measures

The safety of students, volunteers and staff remains paramount in the 2021-22 season. Although Government guidelines have bene relaxed, we will be continuing to implement the following general measures across all of our events.

  1. Event Disclaimer includes specifics around COVID-19
  2. Staff and volunteers will be encouraged to wear appropriate face coverings
  3. Access to hand-washing facilities, or hand sanitiser

 What’s expected of competitors:

  1. Event competitors are encouraged to stay home if they have tested positive for COVID-19, or are suspected to have COVID-19 
  2. Event competitors are encouraged to test if they have any COVID-19 symptoms prior to attending an event
  3. Competitors must follow direction from event staff, venue staff and volunteers
  4. Competitors should ensure they are following hand hygiene practices at all times
  5. Competitors are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering when indoors and moving about the building
  6. Competitors should follow the guidance and safety procedures outlined for the event you are attending
  7. Competitors unable to attend event due to COVID-19 must contact the event lead