From vault to rings, the Gymnastics Championships are back.

Event Guide 

Competition Days

The competition days will be as follows:-

Saturday 4 February – All Women's grades
Sunday 5 February -  All Men's grades

Accepted Entries and Reserve List

All accepted entries an the reserve list can be found here

Due to a very high number of entries, we have had to restrict the number of accepted entries for Women's Grade 3 to two per institution. 


Registration will be open from 08:00. Please see the draw on the website for the end time of your registration slot. Men are welcome to register on Saturday but please allow any Women to register ahead of you.

Please bring your student ID with you to show the control desk.


The full timetable and draw for the event can be found here

Minute's Silence

Portsmouth Gymnastics and Trampolining Club very sadly lost one of it’s members a couple of months ago, and we will therefore be observing a minute’s silence at the event. This will take place at 9am on Saturday 4th February, straight after the first march ons.

We would like to request that you inform all your team members of this, and that it is observed with complete respect from everybody.


As per regulation GYM 5, all institutions must bring an appropriately qualified coach: 

GYM 5 Coaches Each institution/Playing Entity is required to bring to the Championships an appropriately qualified coach, or coaches, who will take responsibility for their gymnast(s) while they are competing. Coaches must be British Gymnastics qualified to a minimum of level 2, with the correct skill set for the competing gymnast(s) for which they are responsible. A gymnast cannot be their own coach.

Music Submission

The GymData music upload system is now open for this competition.

Instructions for how to use the system:

 If you haven’t used the system before, please follow this link to register to upload music:

You will be asked to provide your name, email address and the name of the club you are associated with along with a password. Once you have entered this information click “Register”. You will be sent an email to the address provided which contains a link which will confirm your registration. You will only need to register once for all future competitions.

Once registered you can login to the Gymdata website as shown below:

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Once logged in you can find this event on the “Future Events” page and then select the “Music Upload” option.

To upload a gymnast(s) music:

1. Select your club to show a list of gymnasts.

2. Find the gymnast(s) and routines you would like to upload music for.

3. Click 'Choose File' and select the appropriate file from your device.

4. Once uploaded you will be able to play the track to confirm it is correct.

If you accidentally upload the wrong music you can upload another track which will replace the original. Uploaded music can only be played by the user who uploaded it so nobody else will have access to your music.

If you can’t find your gymnast(s) please email their music to [email protected] as the system may not be updated regularly with changes and late entries.

Please bring a copy of your music to the event (on USB or CD etc) as a backup.

For any problems, please email [email protected]


Presentations to give out medals will take place at the end of each day. These are scheduled to take place at 20:40 on Saturday 4th February and 19:52 on Sunday 5th February. This is subject to change based on how smoothly the rest of the day runs.

BUCS Points

Individual BUCS Points are awarded to Grade 1 competitors only.

The points will be awarded as follows: 1st = 12, 2nd = 8, 3rd = 6, 4th = 4.

BUCS Points will be awarded as follows for both Men’s and Women’s overall teams: 1st = 20, 2nd = 14, 3rd = 10, 4th = 7, 5th = 5, 6th = 3, 7th = 2, 8th = 1. Individuals in Grades 1 and 2 are eligible to contribute towards the overall teams. 

The allocation of BUCS Points can be viewed in Appendix 1.


There are two car parks available - South Entrance Car Park (Glenfield Road, LE3 6DN) and Central Car Park (Greencoat Road, LE3 6RN)

Please be considerate when parking, and use the overflow car park in South Entrance Car Park if needed. 

Food and Drink

There is an onsite cafe which competitors are welcome to use to purchase food and drink. 

It is New College's policy that no external food can be brought into the college. 


Please ensure your clothing complies with the regulation below: 

GYM 4 Clothing Competitors are required to present themselves for competition clothed in the correct attire, which follows the guidelines set out by British Gymnastics.

Rules and Regulations

GYM i The BUCS Gymnastics Championships shall be conducted in accordance with the following BUCS sport specific regulations, the BUCS general regulations, and the FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) Code of Points. Further event specific requirements, rules, and regulations will be contained within the entry and pre-event information for each Championship.

The full BUCS Gymnastics Regulations can be found here