Entry Information

Entry Dates & Costs

Stage 2 is now open


This competition operates a staged entry process. Entries received before the Stage 1 entry closing date (11:59pm on Thursday 27 January 2022) will be accepted where the competition allows. After this deadline, Stage 2 entry may open where the competition allows and will have a closing date of Thursday 3 February at 11:59pm. Stage 2 is not guaranteed to open.

Priority will remain with the entries received before the Stage 1 entry closing date. Entries received after the Stage 1 entry closing date and before the Stage 2 entry closing date that are accepted into the competition, will be charged an additional 20% fee. We will not accept any late entries under any circumstances.

Stage 2 window - 28 January - 1 February 2022

Stage 2 price - £44.40

Entry Process

To apply for the competition all eligible competitors must follow these steps:

  1. Competitor to apply to the event on BUCS Play (Instructions on how to do this can be found here)
  2. Institution administrator approves entry (Instructions on how to do this can be found here)
  3. BUCS approves/denies entry into competition and publishes confirmed entry list

Any data will be handled in accordance with BUCS Privacy Policy

By participating in this event you agree to adhere to BUCS General Event Disclaimer

To check whether you are eligible to compete in BUCS competitions, please visit REG 4 Individual Eligibility.

Entry Allowance

Six individuals per gender, per discipline, per institution will be guaranteed entry, any further entries will be accepted subject to the number of entries overall. 

Therefore when submitting entries on BUCS Play, entries should be ranked in order of preference of entry before being submitted. Should BUCS need to restrict per this will be done equally across instituions. (Where applicable all Para Athletes will be guaranteed entries)

Late entries on the day will not be accepted, however, substitutions may be made by an institution provided that:

  • The total number of competitors allocated to that institution for any particular event is not exceeded 
  • The replacement fencer must have been entered somewhere else in the Fencing competition before the deadline. 


Fencers may only compete in the BUCS Championships if they are in possession of a current B.F.A, S.A.F.U., W.A.F.U., N.I.A.F.U licence.  FIE Licences will not be accepted.   

Fencers will need a 'Compete' level B.F.A fencing license

Fencers will not be able to obtain a B.F.A licence on the day. They MUST be purchased before the day of competition. 



Competitors must be properly equipped for their events and competitors clothing must conform to British Fencing rules and ‘Guidelines on Safety in Fencing’. 

BUCS cannot be held responsible for accident, loss or damage to persons or property, however caused.

Under BUCS Fencing Regulation 3, 'all competitors in the sabre discipline in league and events must wear 800 Newton Glove. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of that match'.



If you are a qualified British Fencing Referee and you would like to volunteer your time across the BUCS Nationals weekend please email: [email protected] by Friday 17 December 2021.

Estimated Timetable

Please note this may be subject to change, and will be confirmed when entries close. 


Men’s Epee
Women’s Sabre  


Women’s Foil 
Men’s Sabre


Men’s Foil
Women’s Epee

Covid-19 Measures

Competitors are strongly advised to wear a mask when not competing. This is to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect staff, officials, volunteers and other competitors.

Any athlete seeking medical attention from a BUCS doctor or physio MUST wear a mask at all times.

The safety of students, volunteers and staff remains paramount as we move into the 2021-22 season, therefore for the time being we will still be implementing a series of Covid-19 Measures at our events. Although certain safety measures surrounding Covid-19 will be dictated by a venue or specific sport requirements we will be continuing to implement the following general measures across all of our events:

  1. Event Disclaimer updated to include specifics around Covid-19
  2. Limited entries to adhere to capacity restrictions
  3. Designated times for arrival and departure (Event specific info should include this)
  4. Staff members and volunteers interacting with competitors will be wearing appropriate PPE/face coverings
  5. Self-collection for event paperwork (EG. Bib numbers)
  6. Access to hand-washing facilities, or hand sanitiser
  7. Increased signage on hand washing
  8. No handshakes, high-fives and spitting
  9. Extra cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces and facilities
  10. Competitors must depart promptly after competition finishes – no hanging around post event

What’s expected of competitors:

  1. Event competitors should stay home if they have been diagnosed with, or suspected to have COVID-19 
  2. Event competitors are expected to test if they have any COVID-19 symptoms or live in the same household with someone with COVID-19 symptoms prior to attending an event
  3. Competitors should stay home if they have been instructed to quarantine/self isolate due to international travel restrictions or by relevant home nation test and trace systems
  4. Competitors must follow direction from event staff, venue staff and volunteers.  
  5. Competitors should ensure they are following hand hygiene practices at all times
  6. Competitors are encouraged to wear a face covering when indoors and moving about the building
  7. Competitors should follow the guidance and safety procedures outlined for the event you are attending. These can be found in the Event Guide
  8. Competitors unable to attend event due to COVID-19 must contact the event lead

Despite all these extra measures we have implemented, it is impossible to fully remove all risk.

Please carefully consider your options and make sure you are completely comfortable with the risks involved, before attending this event.