Event Guide


Please note: The timetable is subject to change depending on entry numbers. Final wave times will be released in once entries close.

13:30                Car Park opens

14:40-15:30      Staggered starts

16:30                Cut off time for competitors

17:30                Car Park Closed


One team member from each university will be nominated to collect race packs on behalf of all the university members. Each member will have their own envelope and it will contain their race number and bike and helmet numbers. The envelope should only be opened if it is your name on the envelope.

Please ensure that all competitors within the team have viewed the race briefing before arriving at the venue.

Transition Information

You must fix your bike number to your seat post and attach the 3 helmet stickers to each side of your helmet. Please attach your race number to your front while racing so that it can be clearly seen - race belts may also be used.

There will be a queuing system to get into transition and you will have to provide Photo ID to the people checking you in (passport or driving licence are acceptable).

When queuing and in transition before racing you must wear a face covering (mask or buff are both acceptable). Buffs must be folded so that they are at least double-layered. A temperature check will also be done at this time. There will be hand sanitiser in place as you enter transition - please ensure that you use it.

When entering transition, please rack anywhere but with a maximum of 5 competitors per rack. You are permitted to enter transition 35 minutes before your race start. Please pe mindful and careful of other competitors who are racing and make sure you give them plenty of room (a minimum of 2 metres).

Once racked competitors will leave transition and make their way to the warm up or start area or back to their vehicle.

When leaving transition competitors will exit out of Bike Check Out. This creates a one way system in and out of transition separate to Bike Check In.

After finishing, competitors will be funnelled back in to transition to collect their bikes and be expected to leave transition as soon as they have collected their belongings.

When racing transition will be neutralised meaning timings will stop. This allows for social distancing to be maintained at all times. A maximum time will however be allowed in transition (TBC) to ensure fair racing.

Timing Chips

Please note that any timing mats crossed prior to race start will be ignored but you cannot lose the chip if it is on your ankle. Your timing chip will ensure that your finish results (as well as splits and lap times) are collected by DB Max Sports Timing. Remember, no timing chip, no results. Please deposit your timing chip in the designated bin in the finish funnel immediately at the end of your race. You must return your timing chip as soon as you finish (even if you do not complete your race). Lost and unreturned timing chips will be invoiced at £55 each so please remember to hand it back.

Start and Racing Information


All competitors will receive their start times in advance of race day, Competitors will start in groups of 6 of a similar ability every 1 minute. Marks will be put on the ground to ensure competitors remain 2 metres apart at the start at all times. Please wear your face covering in the start area. A competitors start time will not register until they cross the timing mat ensuring fair racing for all.

Competitors will start in front of the Strawford Centre and complete one perimeter lap of the track, before running down the pit lane and into transition. The bike route is 5 laps in a clockwise direction around the track. Please note that you are responsible for counting your own laps - plan how you will do this to avoid mistakes on the day. The timing system will count laps and anyone not completing five will be disqualified.

On completing the final lap, competitors will turn sharp left back up the pit lane and into transition – please take extreme care at this point of the course and beware that there may be two-way traffic at this point. The final run is another perimeter lap of the track, with the finish on the track close to transition, enter the track and instead of running down pit lane run down the track edge to the barriered section.

Transition During Racing

On entering transition and crossing the timing point of ‘Run In’ your time will stop. Transition will become neutralised and will become a ‘dead zone’. This will allow you to take your time in transition and keep your distance from any other competitors who may be around you. You will have 5 minutes to complete your transition, run/walk with your bike to ‘Bike Out’ and then mount your bike and head down pit lane keeping to the left. Your time will start again as soon as you go over the timing point at the end of the pit lane.

When you have completed your cycle you will turn left back in to the pit lane. Here once again your time will stop and you will enter the neutralised ‘dead zone’. The same rules and timings will apply here and you will have 5 minutes to, dismount your bike at the dismount line, enter ‘Bike In’, rack your bike in the place provided to you and then exit on to the run at ‘Run Out’. Once you cross the timing point at ‘Run Out’ your time will start again.

Please note that if your time goes over 5 minutes on either transition, the difference will be added to your overall time.

Bike Route Rules

There are certain rules you must follow when on the bike route.

You must not draft during the event (see diagram and rules on drafting in the referee’s rules below).

Helmets MUST be worn at all times whilst you are in contact with your bike, including in transition.

Your transition area must be kept tidy at all times and you must rack back in your original spot after your ride.

At no time are you allowed to drop litter.


When you are approaching the finish of your event, you will come off the track perimeter from run 2. Instead of running down pit lane to run in, head on to the track and follow the cones down the outside of the track and in to the finish funnel and follow the barriers to the finish line and finish under the arch. Please see the map on page 2. Once you cross the line, please ensure that you continue to keep a 2-metre distance from all other competitors at all times. You will be able to collect your medal after finishing. Please follow instruction from marshals. When you have collected your medal you will be able to rest and recover. Once recovered please go to transition and collect your bike and belongings. Please take care and be considerate of other competitors still.

When back at your bike, please apply a face covering again. When you have collected your bike you can exit transition via the bike check out area (you will need your race number). From the time of finishing your event to leaving the venue should be no more than 40 minutes. Please do not congregate in groups at any time.

Spectators and Members of the Public

In line with regulations no spectators will be allowed unless the person is under 18 or requires assistance, i.e. they require a spectator on medical grounds.

Being on a private property no members of the public will be present. All gates to the facility except for the main gate will be locked.

Face Coverings, Hand Sanitiser & Rule of 6

Competitors will have to as mentioned wear face masks/coverings in certain areas, these are:

  • When registering at Race HQ – Race HQ is outside.
  • When not racing in transition. After racing, competitors will walk back in without a mask but be expected to wear one when back at their bike.
  • When queuing to get in to transition to rack their bikes.

Hand sanitiser will be available at the following locations:

  • On entry to the venue.
  • At Race HQ.
  • On the entry to transition through bike check in.
  • On the exit from transition at bike check out.
  • At the race finish.
  • At all toilets, both inside and out.

Covid Marshals will be in place to ensure that the Rule of 6 is followed at all times and break up any groups that are seen to be, or could be, forming. Social distancing must also be maintained whilst racing, so please keep a 2m distance between yourself and other participants. It is important that you do this, even if the person you are racing with is in your bubble - this is because others will not be aware of any bubbles and can report incidents, which we are keen to avoid.

Race Briefings

Race briefings will be done via video in advance of race day and be sent out to all universities and competitors. This will detail every aspect of the event, from arriving, through to collecting numbers, entering transition, racking, the start, the race in full, the finish and of course leaving the venue.

Please ensure that all competitors have viewed and understood the race briefing before arriving at the venue.


In line with our Covid-19 Measures presentations will not be carried out at the event. All medals for Top 3 finishers (Individual & Team) will have their medals posted to them. If you place in the Top 3 please email Alice Robinson ([email protected]) with a postal address. If there are multiple winners from the same university and medals can be posted together, please let us know.


In line with Government advice, overnight stays away from home are not permitted on the 11 April. However the start time has been moved to later in the day to allow competitors to travel the morning of the race.