We are off to Newport for the BUCS Track Cycling Championships!

PLEASE NOTE - we have been made aware the Newport Half Marathon is due to take place on Sunday 5 March. This will affect roads eastbound of the velodrome between 8-10am

PLEASE NOTE - The C3 Male Pursuit distance will be 3km not 4km as incorrectly listed on the BUCS Play Dashboard.

Entry Information

Entry Dates & Costs

Entries Open

Tuesday 13 December 2022

Entries Close

Student/Competitor Deadline

Tuesday 14 February 2023 at 11:59pm

Institution Administrator Approval Deadline

Thursday 16 February 2023 at 11:59pm

Institution Administrators have 48 hours after the student/competitor deadline to approve entries.

Entry Costs:

  • Category 1 - £43.25
  • Category 2 - £38
  • Category 3  - £27.50

Entry Allowance

The following races will have restricted entries:

  • Individual Pursuit (Men’s and Women’s) – 2 riders per Institution
  • Points race (Men only) – 1 rider per Institution
  • Points race (Women only) – 2 riders per Institution
  • Team Pursuit (Men’s and Women’s) – 2 teams per Institution
  • Team Sprint (Men’s and Women’s) – 3 teams per Institution - please note the Women's Team Sprint event will be over 500m with institutions having 2 riders per team.
  • Elimination race (Men’s and Women’s) – 3 riders per Institution

For all other categories up to 20 non-guaranteed entries may be submitted.

Should the event reach capacity, BUCS may need to restrict the number of entries per institution further. Therefore, when submitting entries on BUCS Play, for both the Men’s competition and Women’s competition, riders should be sorted into your ranked order of preference before being submitted.

Please note, the BUCS rules and regulations do not permit mixed teams where an event is categorised either Men's or Women's.

The final list of entries will be available within the pre-event information document after entries close.

BUCS Points

Information on BUCS Points and medals can be found in Appendix 1 and Regulation 6.

Overall Team (Men’s and Women’s) Calculation

  • All entrants are eligible to count towards their institution's overall team total.
  • The top eight finishers in each race will be allocated the following points: 1st = 8, 2nd = 7, 3rd = 6, 4th = 5, 5th = 4, 6th = 3, 7th = 2, 8th = 1. Where individuals/teams are tied on finishing position, points will be split according to their joint position and distributed equally to the joint institutions. For example, if two individuals tie for 2nd place the points for 2nd and 3rd place will be combined and split equally among them.
  • Overall team placings shall be determined based on the total points accumulated by each institution.

British Cycling Membership & Licenses

To compete at the BUCS Track Cycling Championship you will need a Racing Licence. If you do not hold a British Cycling racing licence you will need to buy a Day Licence at the event on each of the days you compete, (e.g. one licence for Saturday and one for Sunday).

The cost of a licence (per day) depends on which British Cycling Membership you have:

Ride Members or Non Members

Bronze Members

Silver Members

Gold Members







Withdrawals & Substitutions


Only substitutions for the Team Pursuit, Team Sprint and Points will be permitted.

Only athletes already entered into the Track Cycling Championships will be an eligible substitute. Before the competition, Athletic Union staff should request, by email, a substitution to Maddi Cannell. From Thursday 16th February 2022, and at the event, substitutions should be requested in person at the BUCS event desk.


Prior to entries closing, withdrawals can be made free of charge. After the IA deadline has passed (16 February 2023), no refunds will be given for withdrawals. This applies regardless of the reason for withdrawal. All withdrawals must be sent to your institution and emailed to Maddi Cannell.


Any riders/teams that ‘Do Not Show’ (DNS) for their race will be subject to a £100.00 fine.

In case of a new injury, evidence provided by a doctor’s note or equivalent will be accepted.

Para Cycling


With the support of British Cycling, BUCS offers entries for:

Women: 500m Time Trial and 3000m Individual Pursuit.

Men: 1km Time Trial and 4000m Individual Pursuit.


Para-Cycling categories at our events will follow IPC Regulations and are open to those who are classified either with locomotive or learning disabilities. There will be separate Men’s and Women’s competitions.

All para-cyclists are given a disability classification to allow them to compete. Para-cyclists of all eligible classifications will compete alongside each other and shall be ranked on a multi-classification basis using the UCI factoring system. If there are less than four para-cyclists entered in a category, they shall compete alongside the non-disabled cyclists but results for eligible para-cyclists shall be extracted.


Yes. Further information on BUCS Points & Medals can be found in Appendix 1 and Regulation 6.