Start Sheet

A start sheet will be published here when entries have been finalised.


Registration will open at 10:00 in The Ellesmere Centre (CB8 9TS) and will be open throughout the day. You must also sign-out at the HQ after the event.

Students must bring their student card to register for the event.

Please sign on early and leave plenty of time to reach the start line, which is a 3 mile ride (so allow 15-20 minutes).

Race Route

The route will be signposted and we suggest following the route here:

This event will be run on the CTT E33/25 course ( ).

START half way along lay-by (marked Police only) on the A1303, situated 650 yards south-west of the Stetchworth roundabout.

Proceed on the A1303 towards Cambridge, continuing to Dunsley Corner (5.18m) TAKE CARE SHARP CORNER were left to follow lane to Six Mile Bottom (8.83m) where left TAKE CARE TRAFFIC FROM THE RIGHT onto the A1304 towards Newmarket to Stetchworth roundabout (12.39m) where left onto the A1303, to finish first circuit at the start point (12.76m).

Proceed onto second circuit via A1303 to Dunsley Corner (17.94m) TAKE CARE SHARP CORNER, lane to Six Mile Bottom (21.59m) where left TAKE CARE TRAFFIC FROM THE RIGHT A1304 towards Newmarket to FINISH at ‘White Direction Board’ which is 70 yards north of lay-by and 300 yards south of Stetchworth roundabout. (25.00m).

Once registered at the HQ, the ride to the start line is 5km, please allow adequate time to reach the start line (leave 15-20 minutes: This route will be signposted. Please return to the HQ via the same route. You must sign back in at the HQ.

Riders will be set off every 60 seconds from 12:01.

There will be a marshal stationed at each corner of the course but they are there for your safety and to ensure you stay on the correct route. Please take care around the corners and listen to the marshals, it is illegal for the marshal to direct, or attempt to control, other traffic in any way or to interfere with its movement on the highway.

Please arrive at the start line in good time for your start time and queue on the grass verge leading up to the start maintaining appropriate distance. If there are already a number of competitors waiting to start, you may wait in the slip road signposted ‘Equine Hospital’ just prior to the start. There will be a pusher-off. Please don’t leave any clothing, bottles, etc, at the start as you will not be able to collect it until after the event has finished.

On finishing the race, riders should not stop at the finish but proceed to turn right at the roundabout and take the exit back towards the HQ. Riders should return to the HQ to sign out.


10:00 - Registration opens at HQ

12:01 - First Rider sets off

15:00 - Projected final rider sets off (dependent on final entries)

16:30/17:00 - Presentation at HQ

17:00 - Competitors depart venue

Rules and Regulations

This event is run under the Rules and Regulations of Cycling Time Trials (CTT), the CTT event details can be found here ( ).

The event also falls under the BUCS Cycling Regulations

All bikes must adhere to these regulations including a working front AND rear light. All riders must also wear a helmet and NOT wear headphones for the duration of the event.  Riders may be asked to remove their helmet at the start line and demonstrate that there is no electronic device impairing their hearing. Riders presenting to the start line with no working lights or helmet will be disqualified.

Local Regulations

  1.  No riding with your head down, any rider observed riding dangerously will be disqualified from the event and reported to the CTT District Committee for further disciplinary action.
  2.  NO 'U' TURNS are allowed within sight of either the start or finish area.
  3. Numbers will be situated at the HQ; sign in before and sign out after you have finished.
  4. NO cars to stop or park at the start or finish areas.
  5. No warming-up by competitors is allowed along any part of the designated course other than going to the start, after the event has started.


Withdrawals must be made in writing by an Institution Administrator by emailing Maddi Cannell.

Withdrawals made before the entry deadline, Thursday 9th March 2023 at 23:59, will not be charged the entry cost.

Withdrawals made after the entry deadline, Thursday 9th March 2023 at 23:59, will be charged the entry cost.

Event Parking

There are 60 spaces of parking at the HQ.


Parking is available near the start both along the road leading from the start to the HQ, where there are large grass verges, and along the minor exit to the north side of the Newmarket RAB with suitable space along the side of the road (both highlighted). Please park considerately and responsibly and be mindful of other vehicles when at the roadside.

Please DO NOT litter where you have parked, take all rubbish to a bin or away with you.


Event HQ

Event HQ is at the Ellesmere Centre, Stetchworth, near Newmarket. The HQ will be open at 10am. Please park sensibly and avoid blocking pathways by not parking on the verges. Obey the 30mph speed limit in the village. Please give consideration to all other road users in this area so as to ensure that we will be able to continue using these headquarters.

Separate toilets and changing facilities will be available at the HQ.


There is step-free access to the HQ main hall, toilets and changing facilities located by the main entrance.

Food and Drink

There will be a selection of food and hot drinks on sale inside the HQ.