We take Canoe Slalom to Pierrepoint Water sports Centre

Event Guide

Accepted Entries

Will be published on the website shortly after the entries closed. All names being substituted in MUST already be entered into another event in the competition on BUCS Play. No late entries can be added following the deadline. 

Club Captains' Responsibilities

Club Captains are responsible for ensuring that their members conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner throughout the weekend, and follow the guidelines and rules set out by the organisers and the British Canoeing Slalom Committee, which will be amended in December 2021/January 2022.

The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any competitor or university if they do not conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Anyone who is disqualified may be subject to BUCS disciplinary procedures.


Race Registration will be open at Race Control between 8:00am and 9:00am on the Saturday morning. Every club must register, pay their £40 bib deposit (Cash or Cheque) and collect their bibs.

There will be a Captains’ Briefing at 9:00am on Saturday in Race Control at the top of the course. A representative from all Universities must attend this meeting, failure to attend this meeting will result in a fine.

A Judges’ Briefing will occur on both days of the event (after the captains meeting on Saturday) where full training for judges will be provided. It is expected that all competing universities provide some judges – no experience is required. Please see the Judging section for further details. Again, failure to attend these meeting will result in a fine.

Bibs must be worn at all times during practice and racing. If providing safety for other club members your bib must be worn inside-out. A bib list will be published on the Saturday morning at the event. It is your responsibility to ensure your competitors wear the correct bib number; competitors wearing the wrong bib risk disqualification. All of a University’s bibs must be returned together to race control after the University’s final event, where the deposit will be returned.

If a bib is missing, the whole deposit will be retained until the missing bib is returned; if it is not, a charge of £20 will be taken from the deposit and the rest returned. Bibs not returned by the end of prize giving will be subject to a £5 administration charge.

Competitors must bring their valid university ID cards and produce them upon request by the event  organisers.


Each University is required to provide judges to assist the running of the event. It is likely it will require about 30 minutes judging time per entrant from each university. All judges should attend the Judges’ Briefing each morning at race control. Large universities are strongly recommended to bring dedicated judges.

The list of universities and the number of judge positions to be manned will be published when entries close. 

Each university will be assigned a shared judging slot(s) which they MUST man throughout the day. Formal judging qualifications are not required but some experience of slalom would be a considerable advantage. Universities will need to supply a second judge for the team runs.

Universities will be penalised (at the organisers’ discretion up to the extent of complete disqualification) if  their judging position is not filled at any point during the day.

The following points must be adhered to:

  1. No one should judge for more than 2 hours at a time.
  2. Judges must be in dry clothing and suitably equipped to sit outside in minimal shelter for the duration of their stint.
  3. Anyone acting as a judge must attend the Judges’ Briefing or speak to the Judge Controller before starting to judge.
  4. Universities failing to provide sufficient judges to cover their allocated sessions will not be allowed to race    for a period determined by the organisers.
  5. Each judging position must be manned by two judges at all times for individual events and our judges for teams. Both judges must come from at least two different universities.

Race Rules

The race will be run in accordance with the British Canoeing Slalom Committee rules.

It is the responsibility of club captains to ensure their members are familiar with the race rules. Because of the close time constraints of the weekend we would like to draw your attention to two rules in particular, of which all competitors must be aware:


10.15.1 The boat is considered upside down when the head of the athlete is entirely under water.

10.15.2 It is considered to be a capsize when the athlete (or an athlete in C2) has left the boat completely.

10.15.3 Kayak roll is not considered to be a capsize

If a competitor capsizes and exits their boat they cannot continue their run, even if they self-rescue. They must leave the course at the earliest opportunity.

10.14 Clearing the Course

10.14.1 When an athlete is overtaken by another athlete, he/she must give way if a Judge gives repeated blasts on a whistle.

10.14.2 The overtaking athlete must be attempting to negotiate the course properly. If the athlete is overtaking as a result of missing gates, then they must not hinder the athlete that they are approaching.

In the event that a competitor is caught up by the competitor following them, the gate judge will blow a whistle and shout out the number of the slower competitor. The slower competitor must immediately move out of the racing line and allow the faster competitor to pass before continuing. A re-run will not be permitted. (Note: This does not apply if the following person is just missing all the gates).

When starting, paddlers taking second runs will get priority over waiting paddlers, however, if a paddler is not ready to take their second run when they reach the top of the travellator they will have to take their turn like everyone else. That is, paddlers should wait in the lower pool if they want a short break between runs.

Any paddler taking an unauthorised run is liable to be excluded from the competition. Rules & Regulations further to those covered in this document can be found here.


All competitors must wear suitable safety equipment and boats/equipment should be in a river worthy condition. All boats must be fitted with grab loops at the bow and stern and must contain 2 air bags. All paddlers must wear CE approved buoyancy aids and helmets. Helmets fitted with polo faceguards are not suitable for use on white water. Paddlers should wear sufficient warm clothing for the time of year. The organisers will conduct spot checks on equipment and reserve the right to refuse entry or disqualify as a result.


The event will be run in accordance with the British Canoeing Slalom Committee guidelines.

Clubs are responsible for the safety of their paddlers. Any safety provided by the organisers is additional to this. Clubs may provide safety boaters for their members (they must follow competitors down the course, not lead). The organisers should be made aware of this at the start line. Club Captains are advised that bankside safety is usually more appropriate. The organisers will supply some additional safety to assist if required.

Clubs bringing more than 12 paddlers are expected to supply at least one safety personnel to assist with general course safety. A copy of their qualifications (WWSR/Rescue 3 Technician or equivalent) should be emailed to [email protected] and [email protected] ASAP (by 9am Monday 7th February 2022).


Provisional Timetable (subject to change)

There will be no formal start list. Paddlers must paddle within their class window (see below for details). Second runs may be taken at any time within this window. Universities are responsible for ensuring they allow enough time for all their paddlers to compete. There will be no extra time available for runs not completed by the end of the class window.

There will be ranked paddler slots starting at 11:00am and 1:00pm each day. Ranked paddlers must be on the water and ready to paddle at these times. A general start interval of 50 seconds will be applied.

Saturday 12 February

8:00am Registration opens

8:30am Practice session starts

9:00am Registration closes

9:00am Captains’ Briefing

9:15am Judges’ Briefing

9:25am Practice session ends

9:45am Men’s K1, Women’s C1

3:00pm Mixed Teams (One run only)

4:00pm Estimated event finish time

Sunday 2 December 2018

8:00am Practice session starts

8:45am Judges’ Briefing

8:50am Practice session ends

9:00am Women’s K1, Men’s C1, Open C2

2:30pm Open Team (One run only)

4:00pm Estimated event finish time

4:10pm Results and Prize Giving

Team events may run up to an hour early - changes to be announced over the PA system. All times are provisional and may be subject to changes on the day.

Car Parking

Holme Pierrepont White Water Centre operates operate an ANPR process, which stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, this will be in operation so all universities must pay the appropriate charges.

The charges are Off-Peak: £3.00 per day (Weekdays), Peak: £5.00 per day (Weekends & School Holidays), the charges are a day rate and apply daily between, Monday - Sunday.

A fixed penalty notice will be issued in the post by a third party if no payment is allocated next to a registration number. Information on disputing these will be contained in the notice. This will be the first step that members of the public will need to take if disputing the penalty notice.

You can pay prior to your visit by going to www.paybyphone.co.uk, our location code is 800800. Instructions on how to pay are located on the signs around the parking area.


Free Tea & Coffee will be available on site, but competitors are requested to bring their own mugs for using  this facility.

Prize Giving and Results

Medals will be presented soon after 16:00 on the Sunday afternoon. Full results will hopefully be published on the BUCS website on the following Monday.