Entry Information

Entry Dates and Costs

Entry is online through BUCS Play.
The entry fee is £17.50 per weapon and grade entered.

Entries will close at Tuesday 25 February at 11.59pm.

Students without a British Fencing membership will be eligible to enter and compete in this event under the British Fencing Introductory membership, which is free and valid for 90 days.

Late entries may be permitted at the discretion of the Regional Competitions Coordinator and may be subject to additional charges.

Weapons and grades

All weapons (epee, foil and sabre) will be available to enter.

To encourage a fair and enjoyable competition, three grades are being offered in each weapon, bespoke to the BUCS Fencing Series. Please read below before making your entry;

  • Beginner - For fencers that are new to the sport and/or weapon e.g. started fencing in 2019.
  • Novice - For fencers that started fencing/their weapon less than two years ago e.g. January 2018.
  • Open – For any and all fencers.  

Competitors may choose to enter different weapons at different grades.


All competitions will start with poules, and all fencers will be promoted to the Direct Elimination stages of their grade/weapon.

Please note that the organisers reserve the right to change the formula to assist the smooth running of the competition and to improve the experience for the participants. This may include merging of grades or genders to facilitate a desirable competition experience.

Fencers who wish to enter more than one weapon are encouraged to do so, however may be asked to prioritise one weapon over another if necessary. Should a fencer be unable to compete in both weapons entered due to this, they will not be charged for the weapon they have conceded.


In order to run the competition, a number of entrants or volunteers from clubs entering will be asked to undertake some refereeing. This may be experienced members of the club or coaches, but can also be competitors themselves while in their poule fencing.

A number of experienced referees will be on-site to guide and shadow all poules, and ensure the competition runs smoothly. British Fencing may provide opportunities in conjunction with these events to upskill students on their knowledge of refereeing.


Competitors must be properly equipped for their events and competitors clothing MUST conform to British Fencing rules and ‘’Guidelines on Safety in Fencing’’ sent to all British Fencing members. BUCS cannot be held responsible for accident, loss or damage to persons or property, however caused.

Please ensure you have long socks and appropriate fencing shoes; also, please ensure you respect the venue by changing into your indoor fencing shoes before entering the salle to avoid tracking dirt/moisture onto the venue floor.

Equipment (weapons and protective gear) may be borrowed from the Manchester Fencing Centre for the day. You should submit your interest in borrowed equipment as part of your entry information, and what is available can be found below;

  • Swords – Epee, Foil, Sabre (left and right handed)
  • Masks – (Epee/Foil and Sabre)
  • Lames – (Foil and Sabre)
  • Chest protectors
  • Gloves – (Epee/Foil and Sabre)
  • Plastrons
  • Breeches

Please note: all equipment is subject to availability due to possible numbers of competitors and sizes available. Competitors will be informed pre-event if their requested equipment is no longer available.

Equipment NOT available for hire:

  • Socks
  • Shoes