All the results for the first event in the 2019/20 Speedo and BUCS Swim Series

A weekend where 15 BUCS records were broken in the pool, the action was not to be missed!

Stirling's Duncan Scott scooped five BUCS Records and nine gold medals, Joe Litchfield was the only swimmer to disrupt him on his quest for glory taking the gold in the 100m Butterfly. 

Over in the women's pool there was no stopping Loughborough's Marie Wattel who clinched four BUCS Records and five gold medals.


Top Performer Disability, Male: Takayuki Suzuki

Top Performer Disability, Female: Alice Tai

Top Performer, Male: Duncan Scott

Top Performer, Female: Marie Wattel

Men's Team: Stirling

Women's Team: Loughborough

Overall Team: Loughborough

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