The university has embraced the latest Technogym innovations to create a student wellness journey that will keep their campus active and engaged.

The recent refurbishment, rebranding and introduction of the new fitness suite at Lancaster 
University sends a clear message about the University’s continued commitment to sporting 
excellence and student wellbeing. 

Redevelopment started back in 2018 with a complete overhaul of the Strength & Conditioning 
Room and Human Performance Laboratory, which created a space for high-performance 
training as well as a facility to support a new Sports Science degree course.

This significant upgrade paved the way to improve fitness experiences for students further and 
led to a refit of the existing fitness suite at the end of 2020. The gym now proudly showcases 
an impressive selection of fitness stations featuring the latest digital technology and is laid out 
across a modern, open plan gym. 

To create this refreshed experience, Lancaster continued its partnership with Technogym as 
their official supplier of fitness and wellness solutions, working with them to enhance their 
student journey. 
Joining the Party with Excite Live
Looking to update the gym so it reflected the latest fitness trends, Technogym worked with 
Lancaster to create a facility that incorporated industry-leading fitness technologies. The gym 
now features the latest innovation from Technogym, Excite Live. This revolutionary range of 
fully connected cardio equipment offers students a new and personalised training experience 
tailored to their goals. 
Eddy Pike, Fitness Instructor at Lancaster University said, “We chose the Excite Live cardio 
line to help us to deliver the most advanced training experience possible to our staff, students 
and the local community.” 

With the innovative Excite Live console, students can access their own personal content at 
any time during their workout. Whether they want to connect with friends on social media, 
catch up with their latest Netflix series or simply enjoy their favourite playlist, the Excite Live 
console adapts to suit each user’s needs seamlessly. 

“The futuristic console is fantastic, and the new digital platform brings our members a total 
offering that greatly enhances the way they workout and gives our students a real wow factor”, 
continued Eddy. 
Bringing Fresh Energy to the Gym Floor 
Looking to bring fresh energy to the gym floor, Lancaster have introduced Skillrow Class, an 
experience where members get the chance to row together like a real crew, take part in 
competitions and receive live feedback on their individual performance. 

“Technogym’s Skill Line classes presented us with a brilliant opportunity to run classes directly 
from the gym floor. The students really love the classes and the feedback has been 
overwhelmingly positive”, said Eddy. 
In an adjacent zone, Skillbike Class is featured. This experience enables members to race 
one another on the only indoor bike with real gear shift and real-time biofeedback, which 
enables them to track and improve upon their cycling performance. 

“By integrating the Skill Line Class format into the gym floor, the space allocated becomes 
dual use. When classes are not in progress the Skillrow and Skillbike equipment can still be 
used independently by members to train both cardio and power at the same time, for a more 
complete workout”, Eddy continued. 
Digital – The Last Piece of the Puzzle 
Delivering a more personalised member journey was a key pillar for Lancaster’s new facility, 
and so the university invested in Technogym Mywellness. The integration of Mywellness into 
each member journey has meant that students are able to digitally connect to the facilities 

“Our students deserve the very best of what we can offer them and the integration of the 
Mywellness app has meant that we can now help our students to track and monitor their fitness 
journeys, all from the phone in their pocket”, said Eddy. 
The introduction of Wellness Assessments has meant that members can now not only 
measure their progress, but better understand what those measurements mean and how to 
further progress their fitness journey. 

Using the latest BIA technology, students can now receive an accurate and comprehensive 
body composition in just 20 seconds. With a breakdown of their biometric data including body 
fat, muscle mass and hydration levels, members have a clear baseline from which to measure 
their progress and trainers can design programmes that are truly personalised to each 
individual’s needs. 

“For our trainers, the addition of Tanita and Wellness Assessments was the missing piece of 
the puzzle. We can now support out students, staff, and the local community not just with their 
fitness, but with their overall Wellness”. 
Celebrating Success in Partnership 
“We wanted to provide our students with an updated version of the gym that they know and 
love, and by continuing our partnership with Technogym we knew we would be able to 
continue providing that premium service. 

Working with the Technogym team we have completely transformed the look and feel of the 
gym and the new technology has really opened up the possibilities of what we can achieve as 
a fitness team. 

Looking forward, we’re excited that we can now offer our students a well-rounded fitness and 
wellness experience that will support them in maintaining healthy habits for life”, said Eddy. 
Ben Sandham, Sales Area Manager for Technogym UK commented, “We are delighted to 
continue our partnership with Lancaster University and support them in achieving their vision 
to enhance the experiences they deliver to their students, staff and the local community. We 
are incredibly proud to work with an institution that prioritises wellness, and their approach 
aligns perfectly with the Technogym mission and values. 

We look forward to continuing to work closely with Lancaster Sport and support them in 
increasing activity and engagement across the campus.” 

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