The Technogym Mywellness Cloud, the one and only digital platform in the industry to allow fitness facilities to manage their members training at home.

In an industry like fitness and wellness, in which human relationships are fundamental, today more than ever, it is important for fitness facilities to continue to be close to their members.

As much research shows, members who have the opportunity to also train at home have been proven to be more loyal to the facility in the medium-long term. Even if they are unable to attend the facility for a period of time, they are more likely to return because they have not lost their training habits.

As there are no doubts on this fact, today the most relevant innovation for facilities is to be able to offer training programs and services to members at home.

Technogym has always believed in this opportunity, and thanks to the Mywellness Cloud platform, facilities can offer training and coaching programs to their customers remotely. In order to make the best use of this technology, Technogym is offering a free consultancy service to all facilities registered with Mywellness, and also to operators interested in learning more about the platform.  

Train your customers at home

Thanks to the mywellness app, fitness facilities can provide training services to their customers to keep them active and motivated.

Workout of the Day – The app provides a choice of 3 new workouts every day to users, helping them to keep active.

Training Contents – Facilities can deliver personalised programmes to individuals, keeping members engaged and on track with their personal goals.

Remote Coaching – The app includes a chat-to-coach function that allows trainers to keep in touch with users, anytime anywhere, and keep them motivated and active.

Innovation has always represented a strong element of the Technogym DNA: in 1996 Technogym launched the first software system to manage training at the gym, in 2003 the first TV screen integrated in fitness equipment was introduced, in 2007 the first online fitness equipment was created and in 2012 the first cloud technology in the fitness arena was launched. Over 30 years, Technogym has created a global community of over 35 million people training every day on its products in over 80,000 fitness facilities and in over 200,000 private homes in over 100 countries.

To receive a free Technogym digital consultancy, please follow this link or contact Ben Sandham

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