University of Warwick - Paid Part-Time Head Coach

University of Warwick


Closing date:   24 July 2022
Location:   Coventry
Region:   West Midlands
Employment type:   Part Time
Salary:   Hourly Rate: £10.52


This role offers an applicant the chance to coach large, mixed squads of experienced rowers on a part-time basis, allowing them to continue with their existing work commitments.

The applicant will be able to work with the support of an existing part-time coach. The head coach will oversee the selection, training, and development, of both squads in both sweep and sculling.

A successful applicant would be able to drive forward UWBC’s senior squads in a direction, and manner, of their choosing with the complete support of the club.

The University of Warwick is a diverse, internationally renowned university that is home to approximately 20-person strong senior rowing squads of experienced athletes, including those who began rowing at university and those with considerable prior rowing experience for schools and clubs.

UWBC is a well-developed, successful club with plans to drive forward to become a larger, more consistently high performing club achieving excellent results at major competitions.

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