University of Edinburgh - Olympic Weightlifting Coach

University of Edinburgh


Closing date:   1 November 2020
Location:   Edinburgh
Region:   Scotland
Employment type:   Contract
Salary:   £8-10 per hour


[Olympic Weightlifting Coach] Reports To The Coach will report to The Edinburgh University Olympic Weightlifting Club (EUOWC) Executive Committee.
Job Overview :
EUOWC is currently looking for an Olympic Weightlifting coach. The job will require delivering coaching to a wide range of lifters and abilities. We are looking for someone who will coach in a safe yet effective manner. Over the years, we have become one of the biggest clubs in Scotland for Olympic Weightlifting. At EUOWC, our goal is to become one of the strongest clubs in the UK. We aim to allow a multitude of athletes to reach Regional, National and International competitions. To achieve this, we are seeking a coach who will improve the overall standard of lifting and support at EUOWC.
Responsibilities and Duties: 
The following responsibilities and duties are required to be considered for the position: -
-   Ensure every athlete can receive progressive feedback, communication and support throughout sessions
- Uphold and promote a safe training environment for everyone within EUOWC
- Respecting and adhering to any guidelines regarding COVID-19 that may be in force
- Be prompt to training sessions
- Provide coaching support to athletes at competitions
- Communicate future plans and/or any feedback you may have involving the club to the committee. This would involve you attending a portion of our monthly meetings
- Continuously and positively drive ‘competing’ as a goal for athletes
- Be available to coach anywhere from 6-18 hours a week.
We are quite flexible when it comes to which training sessions you coach. Qualifications/Experience: 
The following qualifications and experience is desirable to be considered for the position: -- British Weightlifting Level 1&2 Award
- 3+years experience in the sport of Weightlifting
- Experience in other strength sports and S&C would be desirable
- Access to Edinburgh University Sports Union’s Coaching and Volunteering Academy
- A competitive wage. (£8-10 ph pending discussion)
- Access to CPD courses
- Student priced membership at pleasance gym along with two free pieces of club kit
Applications: Please submit your CV along with any queries you may have to Fouad via The deadline for applications is November 1st, 2020.
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