Part Time Senior Coach

University of Warwick


Closing date:   1 December 2023
Location:   Warwick
Region:   West Midlands
Employment type:   Part Time
Salary:   Negotiable depending on experience.


Role Summary:

The University of Warwick Boat Club (UWBC) is seeking a dedicated part time Senior Coach to work alongside an elected executive committee to oversee the development and progression of our senior men and women’s squads.

The role offers an individual to coach a variety of rowers, some who learnt to row whilst at school, with many learning to row at Warwick through our Novice programme.

The Senior Coach is responsible for the training and development of both squads. Seniors have water sessions on Wednesday afternoons as well as Saturdays and Sundays (various timings). Erg sessions take place throughout the week alongside an S&C programme, provided by Warwick Sport.

Applicants must understand that we are a student led club, with an executive committee of seventeen individuals.

Applicants are expected to work tightly with Squad Captains, communicate regularly with the squads through whatsapp and facebook, provide constructive feedback and push our athletes to allow them to develop individually and as a collective.

We are also looking for someone who will work closely with a Novice Coach and/or volunteer coaches to ensure our novices are learning the same style of rowing and progressing in a way that will set them up for a smooth transition to senior rowing.

Club Summary: The University of Warwick is a world-renowned institution with UWBC being one of the largest student led sports clubs on campus with a Senior Men and Women's squad, active Novice programme and Recreational squad, new for 2023/24. UWBC is a very successful club with a desire to become a consistently high performing club, producing impressive results at major competitions. The club is supported by Warwick Sport and the Student’s Union.


● Boathouse owned by Warwick Sport and home to a good fleet of boats, including latest additions of a brand new Filippi and second hand Wintech for our men and women's squads respectively.

● Almost 100% exclusive access to a 2.5km stretch of the river Avon.

● Access to Warwick Sport’s rowing studio at the Sports and Wellness Hub with Concept 2 ergs

● Access to Warwick Sport’s gym where S&C takes place.

UWBC’s latest results:

● Course record at WEHoRR 2023 (starting 177th and finishing 55th)

● Win for Senior Women at Quintin Head 2023 and Senior Men placing 77th out of 300

● Overall placing of 25th at BUCS Regatta 2023

● Novice Men 4+ placing 3rd in B final BUCS Regatta 2023

● Several wins at Nottingham City Regatta 2023 from Senior Men 4+, Senior Women 4+ and Novice Women 8+ Breakdown of hours:  Approximately 12 hours per week water session coaching (3 lots of two-hour sessions per squad)

● Any erg sessions the applicant chooses to attend.

● Admin hours: planning training, communicating with captains, monitoring results

● Christmas and Easter Camp - usually 5-day camps with approximately 5 hours of water coaching per day

● Preseason: two weeks before the start of Term 1 - approximately 5 hours of water coaching per day

Please note, the applicant will be paid for all water session coaching, including preseason and training camps. Attendance at erg sessions is voluntary time and whilst this is desirable the club is unable to reimburse applicants for this time.

Expectations and Support: Expectations:

● Design land and water programmes for senior squads, taking club aspirations to be a high performing club into account.

● Attend all water sessions.

● Cooperate with all executive members in their respective roles to ensure a smooth running of the club.

● Use social media channels (WhatsApp and Facebook) to regularly communicate with squads. For example, uploading weekly training to squad Facebook pages.

● Work closely with the Novice Coach/team to ensure continuity for our rowers.

● Cooperate with university structures such as Warwick Sport and the Student’s Union Support Structures:

● Senior Captains are responsible for daily organisation and pastoral care of senior members, allowing the coach to focus on training. They will work closely alongside the head coach to ensure that every rower is well looked after and training to their potential.

● Assistance from Novice Coach

● Assistance from a united executive committee including President, Club Captain, Secretary and Treasurer as well as other supporting roles.

● Warwick Sport Performance programme provides and coaches a full S&C programme. A coach would have the opportunity to have influence over this should they choose to do so.

Employability Disclaimer: This role is a self-employed opportunity and thus, an applicant will only be contracted on a self-employed basis.

To be a registered self-employed coach at the University of Warwick, you are asked to submit the following information:

1. Public liability insurance

2. A completed Coaching Pack (this will be sent to a successful applicant)

3. 2 coaching references

4. Invoices on a monthly basis

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