From their top-class performances throughout the season and at the BUCS Cross Country Championships in Edinburgh, the following athletes are the first to be selected for a World University Championships in 2020.

  • Charlotte Dannatt - University of Oxford
  • Dani Chattenton - Imperial College London and The Institute of Cancer Research (University of London)
  • Amelia Quirk - University of Birmingham
  • Jennifer Nesbitt - Cardiff Met
  • Eloise Walker - Glasgow university
  • Isobel Fry - St. Marys University
  • James Gormley - University of Birmingham
  • James Crowe - Lamar University
  • Joe Wilkinson - Loughborough University
  • Daniel Jarvis - St. Marys University
  • Abdulqani Sharif - St. Marys University
  • Mark  Pearce - Keele University


Team Staff

Team Leader: Spencer Duval
Men’s Team Staff: Helen Clitheroe
Women’s Team Staff: Derek Easton